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  1. You were conned. Simple enough. I advise you move on and play more Haven. That is the only map the game needs in the first place.
  2. So yeah I mastered Regicide a long time ago now. Sadly I don't even use the armor because it is almost indistinguishable from normal EOD. Feel like I might as well not have gotten anything out of it.
  3. The class I have been using as of late: Battle Rifle BoltShot Frags Thruster Pack/Jet Pack Mobility Dexterity Saying this class is good is an understatement. I have been playing this game since release (off and on mostly) and have experimented with many styles of play and control settings. This class is easily one of the most versatile, mobile, and hard-hitting classes I have used to date. Use the Battle Rifle. Period. It is the perfect utility weapon and can take out about anyone if you can aim. It doesn't matter if it is Rumble Pit, Team Slayer, or Big Team. If you need another gun like a DMR for long ranges, you can likely kill someone that had one with this class and take it. The BoltShot is your premier close-quarters option. Coupled with mobility and Dexterity, the BoltShot can hit fast and hard and reload again with ease. It is also good for those annoying AR bumrushers if you can't BR them. Thruster Pack if you are playing Bumper Jumper, Jet Pack if you are playing Default, Recon, or Boxer. Those armor abilities give you unprecedented mobility and give you vast opportunities for escapes and kills not afforded to people without them. Promethean Vision is also viable, however it is more recommended for players that play matchmaking in a party on a team. For players like me that strictly search alone, you will want more mobility as opposed to knowing your opponent's exact position. Frag Grenades because of the sheer versatility of them. You can always pick up more grenades off the map. Mobility gives you unhindered sprint so you can take other players by surprise, get into a power position faster than anyone, or scramble when one-shot.
  4. The best advice I can give you is to put the Battle Rifle crosshair on the enemy and fire. Your Halo matchmaking experience will be determined by how well you can do that. It is amazing how this profoundly simple piece of advice goes unheard and ignored by so many.
  5. I'm up to a 41 in Rumble Pit now. The matches are starting to get very sweaty tryhard, so I have been purchasing extra deodorant.
  6. FleshBack


    Yes, I yoink every chance I get. Nobody gets assassinations on my team in front of me. If you dare to, I will take it from you and then t-bag the air to display dominance. The hatemail is incredibly entertaining and makes it worth it. Probably more satisfying then actually assassinating someone.
  7. I just got back into it recently. If anyone wants to play, my GT is my username.
  8. You seem upset. You should take a break from the Internet.
  9. Mine is a 39 in Rumble Pit. Never actually cared about CSR until about a week ago and have been trying to get it up however fruitless that endeavor may be. Gonna see if I can't get that 50 or get damn close at least. I had a 38 in Team Slayer by myself until they reset that. Now it is near impossible to win games because everyone playing nowadays is a dedicated partied and mic'd team with callouts and and everything. Only so much you can do searching alone.
  10. Check my files hare and you will see true brain dead opponents.
  11. If this game was for casuals, there would be more than 15,000 players on at a time. This game is actually extremely competitive with the right settings. i50's settings are removing sprint, aim assist, and bullet magnetism while tightening BR for their event. Before anybody says, "Well they had to adjust the settings to make it competitive", that has been done in every Halo game. Also, 343 doesn't need MLG and has enough of your cash to make their own competitive events. I don't recall seeing Johnny No-thumbs doing any good at the Halo Grand Championships. No, it was well-established good players like Enable, igoturpistola, and Formal. The game is competitive and Halo 5 doesn't need MLG. Kids don't play CoD because they want to be MLG. It is because that is what all their friends play and it is easier to pick-up and jump into. Halo 4 MM is less forgiving if you are not familiar with it.
  12. Unless you like the armor and weapon skins, there is no point in going past 50 in the first place. Stability and Wheelman are the only remotely decent packages you can get from them, and even then you are still better off with your standard perks.
  13. I feel as if I gave the impression that I am a keyboard smashing simpleton to you, which is far from the case. As I said, I prefer to get my point across bluntly.
  14. I have made long winded posts using a vast lexicon of big words, and what usually happens is it tends to either fly over people's heads or you get ignored and you feel stupid for trying to use a variety of words. So nowadays I use simple language to get my point across, an most cases it works. I also don't like sounding like pretentious d-bad using over-elaborate sentence structure for the sake of seeming intelligent.
  15. I just can't do it. Every time I attempt it, I get back smacked or assassinated. Anyone got any pointers?
  16. I don't recall saying anything bad about Halo 4, just that Halo 3 does better. Take your cookie cutter, condescending responses elsewhere.
  17. This guy gets it. With 343 actively supporting the competitive community with playlists and tournaments such as the Halo 4 Grand Championship, it is a clear sign they understand that try should be catering to the competitive side of gameplay. I know that Halo 5 will be far better because of it. They just got off to a bad start, is all.
  18. Nope, I really hope it KILLS Halo 4's population. I don't care how mature you percieve it to be either. These are my hopes and expectations and I know others share them.
  19. With Halo 3 being free in less than a week, I am super excited to download it and start playing. I am actually hoping that the population KILLS Halo 4's population, either from taking players or attracting new ones. It'll be fun to play this game again. Anyone else feel the same way?
  20. The "lag" you are experiencing is actually frame rate drops which occurs because of how the maps are not optimized for splitscreen. It was the reason I swore off Infinity Slayer until they made them DLC required, because all that got voted for were Generating Lag Forge Maps.
  21. What's unfair is having Ordanance Priority and Requisition, Getting a Needler, Speed Boost, and Nades, then re-rolling and getting the same thing.
  22. You can't speak for Armor Abilities and speak against personal ordanance. It is an inconsistent train of thought. They both diminish the competitive aspect of the game by introducing an element of randomness. Nobody is on an equal playing field as long as both are in the game. If you are going to argue that they should be in because you enjoy them, fine. If you want to argue against them, fine. But supporting one but not the other is asinine.
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