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  1. You can not compare the Wii to the Kinect entertainment wise at all, the only thing they have in common is motion but in that sense I find the Kinect so much more innovative, The Kinect is able to use no controller and is more innovative and precise than the Wii and the Wii requires a controller, I don't understand why people bash the Kinect, they say its a gimmick, but what isn't a gimmick? 3D TVs, just a way to boost up prices, better resolution/and Blu-Ray: just better picture, just because the picture is more clear, doesn't mean a comedy is funnier now then when it didn't have crystal clear resolution. The Xbox's main goal is to provide easy entertainment, and doesn't it do that? Sure quite a lot of the games are childish, but doesn't that mean it still does what is was set to do? I entertains kids, and what is wrong with that? I know it is just your opinion but just because you haven't seen the kind of games you want to came for the Kinect doesn't mean you shouldn't give it a chance, like the new GRAW coming out, sure gunsmith w/ Kinect is a gimmick but it looks like a hell lot of fun.
  2. If you have reach, and not the DLC, and have the money, Id get them now while there only 400 each Halo Combat Evolved is not coming with any of the Halo Reach maps. But there is a cool thing they are doing, if you have Reach you will be able to copy the new CEA maps to your halo reach disk so they are all conveniently in one place.
  3. I'm sorry if someone already posted this but it only came out less than a day ago and i didnt see any posts on the first page. Here it is: , It looks completely legit and pretty sweet, I encourage you all to watch it.
  4. "Dear humanity...we regret being alien ********. We regret coming to Earth. And we most defiantly regret that the corps just blew up our raggedy-ass fleet." - Sgt. Avery Junior Johnson, New Mombasa, 2552
  5. Ideas for the clips in my mind. I like your idea on what is could be, im not up to date on all the halo cannon, for i have only played the games and only read Fall of Reach and Contact Harvest when it comes to the novels. But just visual wise this is what i thought they revealed in this. First it is obviusly a planet mostlikey created by forerunner or another force, and either this lush vision of it was the opposite side of the planet and the other side is the more artifical looking part, but in the other illustrations it shows the planet as a rusted out desolate dead planet, this could possibly mean that the first picture is a depiction of it in the past and now it is scared from possibly a planet wide battle (forerunner vs Precursors mabey) or forerunner vs flood or just something else. Then also it clearly showed a ship leaving forward into dawn most likely one of thoses jet vehicles (the name escapes me) it then shows Chief looking at a ship which looks in human origin, which would mean there were other humans on it because that ship he woke up on would never survie a crash into the planet, unless an alien force affected the control of the ships crash. I have to go. And ill tell you the rest of my theory later.
  6. I was unable to watch the live feed of the halo 4 pannel and for some reason the ign website is not working for me and when ever i try to load a page 5 seconds later a white page comes up with the word false in the upper left corner. Well thats beyond the point, I saw the 3 videos that waypoint posted but I neve was able and still am not able to watch the rest of the pannel, can the community please help me out and tell me what they talked about. My first priority is i heard was that 343 finnaly explained Master Chiefs armor change can someone please post what they said on the topic. If you dont know that anwser to that please tell me as much halo 4 information from the pannel as possible. Please no video links my internet is really screwed up and videos take so long to buffer. I will really apperciate it, thank you.
  7. First of you are very ungratefull, show showed of so much, including the halo 4 warthog. And secondly the information you are refering to is speculation, the person who "leaked" that information has no proof to back it up, and with the concept art if you actually looked at them, they showed alot of places that could be in the campaign.
  8. HALO is called a First Person Shooter for a reason. And if people were in 3rd person they would have an advantage over thoes in 1st person visual wise, they will be able to look behind themselfs which would be extremly unfair for people who are crouch walking or if you are playing a game without a sensor. This would then force everyone to switch to 3rd person to adapt to be even with everyone else. And that would completly change halo, and that is not the game that millions have fallen in love with.
  9. If we are talking in game, I would have to say no. That is something that changes the mechanic of halo way to much, even if it is a switchable option. This is a shooter not a racing game. But saying that mabey in the game options you can select the option to have eveyone be in 1st person or 3rd person but thats as far as it sould go. Matchmaking, Firefight, and Campaign should stay 3rd person, only in custom games, theater or race gametypes (that can be on matchmaking) it would seem ok. But thats as far as I feel like it should go.
  10. I think if 343 wanted to they could fit the entire thing into 1 disk. I really dont want to switch disks every time I want to do something. Mabey 1 disk has campagin, which would give it so much room to make an amazing, huge campaign and theater. and the second disk for all multiplayer aspect, firefight, multiplayer, forge, and theater. this way you will be doing little switching. We also need a flat canvas map again (5 times - 10 times larger than sandbox)
  11. Yes but this means if the Covenant are not in the game then they would have to get rid of all of the covenant weapons. Unless the covenant knew about the planet/structure and they sent a large corvet or flag ship to investigate but then the ship was attacked or some device on the structure deactivated the ships navigation systems and it crashed on the structure/planet killing all on board or leaving a few alive, this would give them a reason to have covie weapons on the structure/planet and have them in multiplayer without messing with the cannon, and not changing the campaign story much that they may already have planned out.
  12. Here is a list of all the weapons I want to see in HALO 4 Human: Halo CE/Reach Pistol, assult rifle, SMG, Shotgun, Sniper rifel(Add Bloom on no scoping), DMR w/ harder bloom, grenade launcher, rocket launcher, Rocket pistol (the one in the H4 trailer), Spartan Lazer, BR w/ bloom, Covie guns: All of them from reach but replace Foucus Rifel with Beam Rifel and replace the needel rifel with the Covenant Carbine, and add bloom to both. and add any new weapons.
  13. They should let us play as cortana as a reward for beating the game on ledgendary solo. I am so tired of beating the games on Ledgendary solo and not get rewarded for it at all except some meaningless gamerscore.
  14. I think if 343 wants to get more people on thier site, then they should make it better. Waypoint.com is a mess, everything is spread apart and the fourums are so unorganized it makes me sad. If 343 wants more people to follow them they need to change the form of their sight and most importantly all info should be spread, like that meaningless screenshot of the week and that web-comic junk needs to go into its own area and all HALO news (that is actually news) should be foucused on more and not just mashed into a blog. And to get more people playing halo they need to do something bigger than a nameplate mabey armor or an armor effect. (Just to make shure. you do know this is not the offical site. The real one is on www.halowaypoint.com and it seems like they have a ton of people but they all seem like a the little kids complainging about AL.) But personaly this is a way better site. than waypoint
  15. I am most like an elite beacues like them my jaw is split in 4. Lolz. I hate skirmishers the most, so many night mares of skirmigeddon
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