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    Hey, I'm a proud Xbox fanboy! I mostly play to achieve high ranks in multiple games. I guess you can say I'm a "try hard" but if being a try hard means doing what I love, then so be it.

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  1. That's crazy, time sure does fly. In a matter of months it will officially be 10 years since I registered on here. Haven't been active lately, but I would like to say thanks. Thanks for letting my younger self create memories on here and express my ideas for Halo. With Halo Infinite releasing soon I thought I'd make a post giving thanks to anyone I interacted with on here. Love y'all, but **** y'all.
  2. I think Infinite will be very big but not open world from what I read online.
  3. MVP


    Does anyone know if Forge is returning for Halo 5: Guardians?
  4. Hello, I do not know why, but for some reason I don't have recon. 343i announced that they're giving it away to everyone but I still don't have it. Please help!
  5. Hey there 343 community! I was banned from the Shoutbox about 2 years ago and I was never active since then. So, I decided to log back in for some reason, and remembered that I was banned. I forgot what I did, but if I did something wrong, I'm sorry. I wasn't as mature back then. So I was wondering if any of the moderators may do the favor of unbanning me from the shoutbox? Once again, I'm sorry and thank you for your time. (P.S: I attached an image in case of proof.)
  6. Think about it. Customizing your own visor! To tell the truth, This feature came into my mind because of Emile. I think it's kind of beast! But now I want YOU to tell me your honest opinion!
  7. What I mean by create-a-helmet. Here is an example, You get to choose the size,width,length, and height of the visor or helmet.And also add any color possible to your visor. Wouldn't that be beast?
  8. Do you want: 1st Person Or 3rd Person? Or if your a fan of both you can just vote for All of the above option which lets you enable 1st person or 3rd Person mode by pressing start and going to settings.
  9. Oh ****! Good idea! Should i put that as 1 of the options?oh and 1 more thing i saw you earlier today. because of that cool pic of skeletons and now u posted a comment here. so can u tell me how to get that skull pic plz!!
  10. Help 343Industries Construct Halo 4's Ranking System By Voting Here
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