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  1. So, i recently picked up a copy of Halo 3 again, this time it isn't going anywhere. I've played through the campaign on co-op Legendary, retrieving all of the skulls. However half way through we were not connected to xbox live and we didn't know that. After the credits i looked to see if i'd gotten Hyabusa armor, since i collected all skulls. I did, now, when i got to my house it said that i didn't have all of the skulls, i was missing one, wich is the iwhbyd skull. So, i played through it on single player, normal, because i just wanted the skull, but i put the code it, kill all of the flood and i get nothing . I have wasted a lot of time doing this. I've done nearly five playthroughs of the same level on normal, two on heroic, and two and legendary, but i'm still getting nothing, i would really appreciate help because it's getting very irritating .
  2. So, i've given up my Halo 4. Really couldn't stand it anymore . However, i still have my Halo Reach, but playing alone is just not doing it for me. While playing Halo 4 i made a few friends who used to talk about these military clans and how they used the element of role-play. I've always been into text role-play, but as soon as i heard it was done through military clans, i was interested. If anyone has any suggestions, or, is eager to invite in a Halo Reach military clan, i'd be more then happy to join.
  3. Desperado

    Fifa 13 .

    I'm hoping i'm not the only one here who is a football fan . I'd appreciate those who play fifa 13 contact me. Im interested in joining and/or starting a club . Player rating wouldn't really matter, however, i am looking for cooperative players, willing to pass and lob other then just keeping the ball . Get at me sometime ?
  4. I was maybe thinking their would be multiple Didacts. As this is only one . Even if that isn't the case, alot of hype surrounds Halo 5 if you take note of whats going in . In the Prologue Halsey's interrogation is most likely leading to events to come in Halo 5 . Speaking of how Master Chief may be a Sociopath. Halo 5 will explore Master Chief's emotions, as well as how he copes with the loss of Cortana. Me personally, im kinda'expecting a Civil war among the Humans, and as stated above; Another Didact.
  5. i am kind of in search of a clan . Clan should be competitive and co-operative in game modes such as Dominion, Capture the flag and Big Team Battles . I have the Campaign beaten on solo, both heroic as well as legendary . I am SR-52, ive just unlocked the wetwork specialization. You can find my gamertag and/or email on my profile, so if you'd please, get at me.
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