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  1. Since its inception, Halo was known as one of the best arena-style, competitive games. For its brief lifespan, Halo has enjoyed a great popularity as a competitive game, one that MLG held high and even got some of its players big name sponsorships like their pictures and names on cans of sodas. You could always count on Halo being one of the most fair games. Experienced players only knew the maps, something a newbie could master in a few hours or days at most. Now, all of that is gone. Its been officially recognized too, by MLG. Halo 4 is no longer a part of the competitive community. I expect the MLG playlist won't ever come to fruition or even matter now if it does. I expect now that more competitive players will leave in droves, that Halo 5 will not even bother trying to be fair or competitive. It seems that COD's gravity was just too great for Halo to escape its pull. http://www.forbes.com/sites/insertcoin/2013/01/24/halo-out-and-cod-in-at-major-league-gaming-but-why/
  2. OP, ignore all of these fanboiz. TK is just out of place in this universe. If FR could of have TK then the diadact would have just instantly killed the MC instead of gloating like he did. Its lazy writing is all.
  3. Its annoying because you can SPAWN with plasmas. In the other Halo games grenade spam was okay because it was only ever frags which are decent but can't 1 hit kill you.
  4. Aim Assist is needed on console games because it becomes really, really difficult to hit anything without it, unlike with a mouse and keyboard. That being said, the AA in Halo 4 is a little much.
  5. Whats REALLY annoying is camo camper + sniper rifle. Thats really the only time I die to another sniper. Zooming in while stealthed should immediately completely remove your stealth.
  6. You mean much easier cause the weapons you want fall from the sky right in front you of. Camping is so easy. Oh can you can always be invisible, how cool is that!
  7. Thruster is definitely much different than evade. Maybe same idea, but a whole other beast when it comes to execution.
  8. It stilll unfair the way the system is set up now. Higher level people have more options and you can use multiple specs, especially since we have multiple loadouts.
  9. Your kd is only 1.5. Decent but not as good as you are making yourself out to be.
  10. Mine is "I am" because my gamertag is "The Funderstorm" so it reads "I am The Funderstorm" when you look at the scoreboard.
  11. Its not that slow, and being taller rather than wider is a good thing. You can hide behind rocks and buildings much easier than the other tanks can. It has a really powerful chain gun and rockets. AND a 1hko AOE stomp... How is that "hard to kill people" with? You mean if you take any vehicle to midfield without cover its going to die... All of those things apply to ALL vehicles... And the Mantis has a leg up on all of them because its a 1 person vehicle. Almost every one needs 2 people to be at full power. I could use your exact same argument and argue that the Wraith or Scorpion are "support" vehicles.... 1. True, is it actually on any maps though? I can't remember. 2. Hmmm, its more of a matter of who sees who first. It takes the Guasshog 3 shots to kill the Mantis, but the Mantis's rockets can flip the Hog really easily and kill it just as quickly. 3. Thats irrelevant considering the same applies to ALL vehicles. Which is not the point I was making at all. Which again, just proves my point. The Mantis is too easy. It has very few drawbacks and takes the entire enemy team to work together to destroy. The other vehicles do not have nearly the same risk vs reward that it does. (it has very low risk and very high reward)
  12. Use AR, or just play the game normally, you will get it eventually.
  13. I think the only reason the Mantis made it into the game was for the "OMGSOCOOL" factor. Design and balance wise, it doesn't fit into the game at all. Here is a list of all of the other vehicles: Ghost Banshee Wraith Mongoose Warthog- Normal Warthog- Guass Scorpion Tank Mantis Traditionally, the strongest of vehicles were only at full power with two players. The two tanks can not use their secondary guns without a second gunner (this helps them finish off or weaken players and it prevents people from boarding from the front. The two warthogs are ONLY powerful with two players. The remaining vehicles which require only one person have much lower power levels or fulfill different roles. The Ghost is an anti-infantry vehicle with almost no anti-vehicle power. The Mongoose is only a mode of transportation. The Banshee is the strongest of these set of vehicles but it is very fragile, especially since rockets can home again. Also, since you can no longer control the flow of power weapons, the Banshee is even more vulnerable. But then there is the Mantis. It is at full power with only one person. It cannot be boarded in the front. It has a smaller and better profile than the two tanks. It has two weapons, independent of each other. It has no turning radius problems. And it has a strong melee 1hk that doesn't disable its other weapons. The Mantis is the only vehicle which cannot be bested by another*. It outright wins against everything, easily. For such a high reward, there is little risk as it is much more durable than most of the other vehicles. So the only vehicle that can counter the Mantis is the Mantis itself. This is not good design. *I don't think we will ever see a Mantis and a Scorpion tank on the same map so I haven't tested which one will win, but it would probably come down to who sees who first.
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