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    Alrighty, i have finally thought about updating this. Let's start with the basics: If you can't tell already yes, i am Australian. This means that everyday i have to put up with killer spiders, kangaroos, and Drop Bears(lul). I like many games, although mainly Halo, Battlefield, and Mass Effect Multiplayer. I love to join events on this site, unfortunately time zones can make this hard. hmm, what else can i say?

    *thinking noises*

    I have noticed that a lot of members have put up a list of members that have either inspired them or made them feel welcome. I have decided not to do that, as the list would be too long...

    that's all i can think of for the moment, i'll add to this as i think of stuff to add.

    As always, thanks for reading: H5 f.

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  1. Fantastic that they take care of themselves, that's great. The poor jumpscares though And d'aw, them having their own lil forest getaway. Adorable. Crying hugs is incredibly wholesome, your cats represent the very best for sure
  2. Obelix is a lovely name! Inspired by Asterix and Obelix? Lovely stuff. Interesting theory about their capacity to love, I must admit I haven't thought too much about it. It wouldn't surprise me though. 15?! Dayumm. That's impressive. That would absolutely keep you busy lol, one cat keeps me busy enough xD. I'll post an updated pic soonish!
  3. Hell yeah, glad to hear it. I did too, thanks! Spent the time with my family. Always nice
  4. Ah! Glad to hear it. And yeah I've resorted to doing that as well, it's worked ever since.
  5. I should post some updated pics haha, almost a decade later
  6. Merry Christmas to you too! :DD Hope you had a fantastic day
  7. Yeah I'm having the same issue
  8. Hey Sporty! Is there an option for it underneath the post, where it says "options?" Give me a shout if it's disappeared please lol. Thanks!
  9. Hello! This is a fan forum haha. Not much we can do from here I'm afraid.
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