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  1. Hey there, Im interested, but much younger than 17 (im 14) I guess i am an ok player and It would be fun giving this a shot. message me or whatever. SpelWerdzRit P.S. SpelWerdzRit is my GT aswell.
  2. Hey guys! I just wanna point out a great youtube channel that just POURS out halo 4 content and news. Its great! It will also feature the very first halo 4 montage ever on november the first! Go subscribe cause its epic. http://www.youtube.com/user/BravoMLG SpelWerdzRit P.S. This is not my channel. P.S.S. Hi Bravo! (or at least I hope so) o/
  3. This will be awesome, seems like a good idea also i agree that the map editor for Halo 2 is ****. It is pretty pathetic.
  4. Nice, im pumed for Halo 4 even more now!(yes its possible)
  5. I got this game and it is amazing do you want to play some multiplayer with me?
  6. I play. im level 14 i think, my user is probably SPELWERDZRIT
  7. Recently I found this epic game called Tribes Ascend it is ''the worlds fastest shooter'' which is an extremely fast classed based shooter. If you already have this free game add me to your friends list my user is IcyPenguin. If you dont play you can sign up for free here: https://account.hirezstudios.com/tribesascend/?referral=1939640&utm_campaign=email SpelWerdzRit
  8. I want to start playing some sort of beta! Oh yeah and bring back the BR, wait you already have thanks 343.
  9. Yes!!! Please start a sever or something so I can join!!!!!!!!
  10. Um just a question whats tunngle. By the way Twinrepers way sounds quite difficult.
  11. Hello all, Today I decied too play some games of Halo 2 on my PC because I wanted to get some achievements with my Xbox Live account because I used to use a different acoount for my PC to my Xbox. (I dont know why). Anyway, As soon as I hit quick match in the LIVE menu it said that the server timer timed out. Then I went to browse games and waited a while after about 5mins of waiting I gave up, checked my connection, tried again, failed, restarted, failed and now im writing this post. I dont know has anything to do with 343i taking over or something else, if you know anything or just what to add to this topic write into the thing below. SpelWerdzRit
  12. To Total Mayh3m FoV stands for field of vision. It is the amount of degree's that you can see a one time. If you understand angles you should know that 180 degrees is a straight line, from there you should be able to figure out the rest.
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