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  1. I agree completely haha, @OrangeSpartan your jumping really far to conclusions with the possibility of hornets being in halo 5
  2. This would be a possibility but i honestly don't think this would
  3. As for these specs. I've seen so many rumors that i don't believe this at all. It happens before the release of every generation of consoles people always make stuff up, so be careful what you believe
  4. Windows 8 is definitely out, I've had it for around a month and a half if not longer! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mS8Lk_30ch4
  5. I love all of the new things they put into Halo 4 but please just make a classic game type. I really just want to play classic Halo without ordinance drops and all of that crazy stuff
  6. I don't think this video is accurate in my opinion cause they have legitimate claim behind their numbers
  7. BestBuy because i work their and the raptor armor looks pretty sick if i do say so
  8. limited only for a short time lol, it was then available to unlock for achievements, and is right now free if you log in to halo 3 matchmaking lol
  9. boom haha, same here
  10. so smooth haha, i actually thought you had found out for a second lol
  11. try walmart haha, i think there are some in Germany. they have a pre order bonus
  12. I think its better than the Halo 3 sniper because reticle bloom allows you to noscope a close range easier, plus the bloom makes it harder and more challenging at times
  13. I love all of the Halos, so ya i liked Halo 2's story but they all have excellent story lines
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