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Mr Biggles

Big #8 "Biggles Style" TrashTalk, Music, PARTY!

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Im hoping eventually to get a decent webcam and start doing this on this forum soon, and talking to you about how to improve, show gameplays, etc, so we'll see how its going and i'll keep you updated on it.


Lets get started! Entry 8 already!



1. Shot in the Back or front? Keep your head down soldier!


there's many reasons why to keep your head down, one of the main reasons is it is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to shoot them in the head, and you have to turn around to their angle just to try and see their head, and even then, its still really hard to see them, because they are hiding their head, so how you can hit someone in the head if you can't see them, so you can't kill them really, unless you put like 4 shots in their body, but, its a hassle.

The second reason is that the opponent won't be able to tell which way you're going, becuase you have ran away, and also, when you turn, your head turns obviously, if you run with your head down and do that, they won't be able to tell, so if you go right and then left straight after, they won't be able to tell, because they most likely won't see you before you turn the second time, and your head is down, so they can't see the direction of your head, so you can get away much easier then having your head up. You should only do this if you know you're going to lose a DMR battle, and long range, because it'll have no use at close - mid range, because, most likely, you won't be able to get away quick enough and will die, simply because the cover may be too far, im not saying, its impossible, its just very hard. Also, im going to give how to kill people who keep their head down, initally jump down and keep shooting around his head to see if you can hit it, because the hit detection box for a spartan's head is so much higher these days.

After that, don't follow him directly, because most likely, his teammate's are behind there too, because that is where he is probably running too, instead, try and run around the side to see if you can catch him out, or, simply just leave him, after all, your life is more important then a girl.



2. Trashtalk - Why not to and why to.


Trashtalk is more important then most people think, because it means so much, so i will list the reasons why and why not to trash talk.


You should trashtalk because it can be a personal way of making you better and making you more pumped for every game, so you hit your shots better, and it can sometimes make the other player over react and do stupid things during the game, because if you get in their head, you're the winner.

The reason you shouldn't trash talk is because you could say something you don't mean too, and hurt someone's feelings directly, or just simply make a joke too far and ruin it, also, sometimes it has no effect anyway and you don't get anywhere with it, because, they are not bothered by you trying to insult them, mostly, trash talk may affect your teammates in a bad way, which in turn, will make everyone feel bad, which may lead people not to play as well.


With all respect, do do trashtalk, just don'tbe sstupid and over do it, since it will make you sound like a complete loser who likes insulting personal things to people.



3. Music Is a Distraction?


Music and other distractions can be good because they can calm you and focus you on the game, and can be soothing and can help you play better, however, I want to talk about mostly why it can affect you in a bad way.

The reason it can affect you in a bad way is because, music can be a distraction, and to keep it going you have to change stuff, which in turn can lead you to do it during a game, and can again, distract you during a game, leading to unnecessary deaths and can cause you to lose a game, also, if you are more interested in the music and stuff, your concentration will drop and divert somewhere else, leading you to not care about your game, and your shots will miss much more, and you will not play as well.


So music is good, but don't let it become a distraction & affect your gameplay.



4. Teabag - WHY not too.


Teabagging to me is very unimportant, unless i am superiorly ****** off or the kid annoys me, i won't teabag, even if i am like that though, i just hit his body and that's it.


The reason not to teabag is because it means nothing, how does it prove your a better player if you teabag? if you feel good by doing it, then fair enough, its all good for you, but to me, and remember all of these Entries are OPINION, teabagging shouldn't happen, trash talking is one thing, but teabagging is another, you can't shout down the MIC at your team about how much they suck by teabagging can you? Teabagging means nothing and it should be stopped, as it is really pointless and can ruin the game, and you can die while teabagging because simply you are too busy doing it, you don't see the player behind you, = easy kill to themm and you lost that death because you teabagged.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XfC69UMQLeQ this is the funny side of Teabagging, i enjoy this video, but, i don't agree with teabagging.



5. Q & A With 4 members!


Ive had to change the members as Snipeside didn't answer time, so instead, i replaced him with Doll, one of our newer members, who's RP's really make me LOL, she clearly has a keen thing for them and i hope to see more, just giving you a shoutout buddy :D


So, lets going with this!


Q1: How did you feel about the Reach TU, and did it affect gameplay in a good way or bad way?


Fire: I haven't played very often since the title update but I miss bloom. I really do, that was one of the few things that added skill to Reach. Nullifying armor lock is nice but still a step to the side.


One: played a small bit of the beta playlist and did not see or feel much of a difference, so i can't say whether it was bad or good.


Doll: well, my thought was as long as it doesn't change anything i worked hard for. i didn't really see much of a change. but i didn't really look either.


Mr.Welldone: I thought the Halo:Reach title update was cool. I'm sure it affects gameplay in a good way. I bet some people like the "no bloom" in the title update. It can be both, depending on who you're asking.


Snipeside: It feels much more smooth and much more like a Halo game. I am happy that my shots don't fly across the map and WAY past my TV screen's width.


Q2: What is your preferred weapon in any halo, and why?


Fire: Well in Halo 3 it was definitely the Assault Rifle, i mastered the shoot beatdown perfectly. In Reach it is arguably the dmr. It takes skill to use, and is effective when used right.



Shotgun, because i play zombies a lot and have grown to love the weapon. It may also be due to the fact i kinda such at reach.


Doll: oh thats hard...uh, my absolute favourite...has to be...damn, uh, DMR, it holds more rounds, and it staisfies my need to be a sniper, without haveing a sniper rifle.


Mr.Welldone: My favourite weapon... Hmm, that's a hard one. I never really think about which one I like. I think the Covenant Carbine (the Covenant version of the BR) from Halo 3 is my favourite. I like it because of the way it looks and how it works. It's like a DMR but faster and more accurate.


Snipeside: Sniper. If I am in god-mode with the sniper and someone else in in DMR God mode; I will win my battle. One shot to the face masters all, doesn't it?




Q3: Is Bloom a big issue to you in Reach?


Fire: No, I love bloom, it adds a challenge instead of wildly spraying.


One: When I first started playing, yes, i got really annoyed with it because i was not used to it, but after playing for a good year it didn't bother me.


Doll: i haven't played reach much, cause i don't have that game anymore. been on CEA...havent' noticed any change on multiplayer, still fun.


Mr.Welldone: Bloom wasn't really that much of an issue. When I first got Halo:Reach, I worried about it a bit. Then I got used to it and didn't pay much attention about it. I would actually like it to stay.


Snipeside: Bloom? Couldn't stand it to the point of me quitting Reach for over a year.




Q4: If anything could be changed about halo in your opinion, what would it be?


Fire: I would get rid of armor abilities completely, it ruined canon, it ruined gameplay, they suck. I would keep sprint though, as it makes sense and adds to the competitiveness/


One: Because of my skills (average player) and the little amount of playtime i average, the gameplay is pretty solid and not much needs changing for me. So for me i think customization could be even better, its good at the moment, but i feel more could be added.


Doll: uh, haveing SWAT be an option in CEA multiplayer.


Mr.Welldone: Maybe the options of things in forge. I just thought there would be a lot more options in Halo:Reach but I don't think there was much. I hope Halo 4 will have cooler things to use instead of just blocks. Also, the campaign wasn't that great. I thought it was a bit of a let down. So, again, I have hopes for Halo 4 to make the series a little bit more exciting than what I expect it to be.


Snipeside: I would only fix Reach. What would I change in Reach? The slow feel of the game. It feels so slow and less competitive. Not happy without a competitive community. However, one thing that REALLY could be amazing would be a 1 - 50 ranking system again. I have being matched up with idiots who can't play. Enough said.



Very different answers, shows how everyone feelsabout reach and how everyone feels in different stages about Halo.


Well, hope you enjoyed it


In Entry 9


Workthrough of Asylum

How to use Sprint / Evade effectively

Why to have a break during Halo

How Age and Maturity affects gameplay

Teams of 4 Or been by yourself? what's better?


Special Entry for Entry 10.

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Another great entry! I love this little series!


P.S. Doll is female. You refered to her as he.


Other then that it's great! :)

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Yay, I'm in the Q&A. :yahoo: Well, I knew I was going to be anyway.


Another well done (Hehe, get it?) job on making a tips thread. Some of them sure help me!

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