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[FEATURED] WWF Fire In The Sky

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GT: JoeAct20

MAP: "WWF Fire In The Sky"

CUSTOM GAMETYPE: "Air Superiority
DESCRIPTION: Dogfighting has now come to halo in the World War Forge (WWF) canvas!

Download "Air Superiority" properly play this action packed battle map. This game mode is made to be played as a 2v2, 4v4, 6v6, or a 8v8. Search WWF in the Content browser to find maps and prefabs related to this game type.




Communication between pilot and gunner is advised

Your gunner can do a lot of damage, but the pilot needs to be steady enough for him to make those shots. Stay steady.
Your gunner cannot shoot forward, he can shoot forward and up.
Let your gunner do the shooting (he has a stronger gun), banshees are better for bombing.
Each team has a GauseGunner, the American's Gause is DarkBlue and the Russian's is a PureWhite. (These are best longer range with a steady pilot)



The banshee or warthog can sometimes be knocked out of the plane, this seems to mostly happen when shot by the GauseHog or hit by a Banshee. Im probably going to remove the Gauseplanes from the map.

If you do not have a gunner and fly out of the map the warthog may explode causing you to die or be flung violently.

If these bugs happen or you find another, could you please report it to me at my GamerTag JoeAct20?



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