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Interviews with Stars of the Community Volume 53: Sir Iron Wolf of ForgeHub

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Hello 343i Community Forum and other readers. This week I decided to interview Sir Iron Wolf who is a recently appointed admin on ForgeHub. He's a totally nice dude who supports his community and provides content. He's also the reason our Community Calendar has anything on it. Enjoy:




DD: "Hey SIR IRON WOLF, so how long have you been a member here on ForgeHub?

SIW: "I'm still actually a little new to the site, I have only been here for close to 9 months now"


DD: "9 months and already an admin on the site? You must've been doing something very right! ForgeHub has gone through a staff overhaul lately actually. Can you give us a little insight on that?"

SIW: "I had the skills they were looking for, I honestly didn't expect to get the position but I am grateful I got it. For our recent staffing overhaul we needed more staff to help with producing additional content and help spread the responsibilities a little bit. With the large staff we have now, we have been able to provide more content to the community and update the site where needed."


DD: "I really admire how active the new Staff members are and I'm sure I speak for many when I say we're looking forward to what ForgeHub is going to bring to the community in the near future. This place is home to groups like Creative Force and the ATN. Speaking of which, can you tell us what the Creative Force on ForgeHub is?"

SIW: "Sure thing, but I think the person who could answer that better than me would be Ray Benefield (Godly Perfection) himself, the one who created Creative Force:

'Basically it's a team I put together to create a content pipeline. Responsbilities are split by parts of the creation process and you are only really responsible for a couple parts of that process. We have people that create Blockouts, people that do Art, people that work on writing/lore, people that help with publishing, people that work on marketing. The person who perfects the blockout doesn't also do the art for that layout, someone else does. This encourages collaboration, shared investment, and allows projects to quickly and easily be passed on to others to finish up. No single person is in charge of an entire project. The team is in charge of it. There are 17 active members.'"


DD: "Awesome stuff! That's something I've been curious about for some time. So what are some of the responsibilities you've taken on moving from member to Staff to admin?"

SIW: "Well when I first was accepted onto staff I was tasked with creating articles and i helped out making new graphics for the article pictures. When i became one of the next admins my responsibilities and tasks greatly increased. Now I handle things like moderation reports, scheduling articles, helping come up with site improvements on the backend, writing Forge-Cast and everything else in between."


DD: "I'm sure you know, but I'm a big Forge-Cast fan lol. Can you let readers know what the Forge-Cast is and maybe how they can get a lobby on it?"

SIW: "Gladly! Forge-Cast is an article idea that i came up with that comes out every Monday. It gives a little recap of the previous week but mainly lists and talks about upcoming lobbies and article that are happening through out the week. This way people who visit the site can click on the front page article and be taken to a list of lobbies and what time they start, as well as a link to the lobby's thread. 

Getting a lobby into the Forge-Cast is easy, all you need is to be a member of the site, post in the forums that you are starting a lobby, and list the times and other details about the lobby. I then see the lobby and put it into the article."


DD: "That's really convenient for Forgers and players alike. I actually like to post lobbies found on the Forge-Cast on our Community Calendar. So about Forge, do you have any Forge projects of your own?"

SIW: "That's awesome! hopefully people are able to make it to the lobbies, i know sometimes the lobbies need people after they have been going for a while so if someone can't get in right away then chances are a spot will open up a little later. 

I have a couple projects going on. I have my SPLORF Arena and game type that is completed and just going through a couple small game type tweaks (it's a minigame) and I am currently working on a BTB map that is almost done in its final stages before testing. I also made a couple of Prefabs already, a Energy Reactor and a loud speaker (still needs pics though). I have a couple ideas I want to do, one of which is a Griffball map, but it will probably be a little while till i start those."


DD: "Yea I even keep streams embedded in the Calendar event for members to watch the lobbies! BTB is something I've had a lot of experience with this year and I'm really looking forward to hopefully get in on a testing session of yours. What would you say is your favorite Forge feature that came with the latest update?"

SIW: "I'm looking forward to testing mine too, it has been going on for a almost 9 month build haha. That's what happens though when you are busy and time flies by. 

My favorite feature with this update is the ability to forge on the PC. Prefabs are a close second but with me on the move a lot I don't always have my Xbox or have it set up so Forge on PC allows me to forge without setting the Xbox up and I can also forge and watch my shows. Hopefully now I can start creating more maps."


DD: "Solid choice. There are so many players making the switch or just starting now that Halo 5: Forge has released on PC. Forge in general is just so popular now that Halo 5's can do so much more than ever before. Can we expect plans from ForgeHub in the near future to maintain this reputation or even grow more?"

SIW: "Forge is definitely bringing more people to Halo 5, I have seen a lot of people recently come back to the site and forge because of Halo 5. Since December, ForgeHub has grown an immense amount and we have updated the site and pumped a little more life into it. With the growing staff we are able to produce more content for those that visit the site and with our growing connection with 343i we are becoming more well known in the general community and even got to get an exclusive interview with them for Halo 5 Forge for the PC, something we were really excited about! I can't say too much of what we have planned since some of it is on the down low but i can say we are going to continue to do what we can to make sure ForgeHub continues to grow like this, and we have some sun stuff planned for the months to come."


DD: "Awesome stuff Sir Iron Wolf. I was surprised (and super jealous) when I saw that you guys had Tom French and Nahil Sharkasi for an exclusive interview. The ForgeHub community as well as the general Halo community is definitely looking forward to the site's future content and developments. With all the info you've been able to provide, I think it's safe to say we could wrap up the interview! So, Iron Wolf, do you have any words for the readers or any shoutouts you wanna make?"

SIW: "Thank you for interviewing me, it sure was fun! I'd like to give a shout out to the staff at ForgeHub, they have been incredible and really active in getting more content out there for everyone. We wouldn't be where we are today without everything they do. I'd also like to tell the readers that if they ever need any forge help or want to join in on some testing lobbies they know where to come!"





That's it for me Sir Iron Wolf's conversation but head on over to the Announcements to see the full Community Spotlight on ForgeHub! Thank you for your time Iron Wolf and thanks to anyone who read!

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