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Boarding Pass

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*This map is ideally played with 10-12 players. 14 can work but it can get really fast-paced.


Boarding Pass is a map I originally made in Halo 4. I made it again in Halo 2 Anniversary with a couple changes and improvements. And now, I've brought it to Halo 5 and it's bigger and better than it has ever been.




Now that Forge is more powerful, I was able to make the map as I always envisioned it. Two trains instead of one, both trains extending outwards, two floors in the restaurant, and many more.


Restaurant. Two floors, several entrances to watch.





Crate room. Two levels. Humans can't camp the corners if they want to live. They need to constantly be checking the different entrances.



Suitcase room. Three entrances into this area and it links to the second floor of the restaurant. You can move those small suitcases around btw



Bathroom. Houses the Saw spawn.



Ticket booth area



More pics











All holdout locations in the map were carefully planned to ensure balance. Humans will never feel completely safe in one spot and the Infected will always have multiple approaches in taking out the humans.


Several power weapons are scattered around the map and some of the best ones(Saw & Magnum) are close to the Infected initial spawn. This allows the Infected to set proper traps by the power weapons and encourages the humans to be cautious and coordinated when they're moving across the map.


Videos (Both videos show slightly outdated versions of the map)


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I thought you only featured good maps!



Oh wait this is yours... Uhh... It's great!


But seriously I've been seeing the maps name around recently and have been wanting to try it but I have been away from my Xbone, can't wait to try it out! Looks good so it must play good? Well in your case anyway.

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Unless I find any game-breaking problems with the map, this is most likely the last update

- The map post has been overhauled to include images that show the map's most recent version.

- Now that we have 1600 available objects, I decided to add a new area/holdout in the map. It's by the opposite side of the restaurant.


It was kinda weird that my train station-themed map didn't have a ticket booth and waiting area so that's what this is. And thanks to the pool noodle, I was able to make some nice looking line dividers. There's also a shotgun in there.


- The two broken respawn points in the map that doomed anyone who spawned there to be stuck inside the map have been deleted.

-Removed one of the pillars in the crate room to help with the humans' sightlines there.

- Suitcase room has been expanded to make it stronger for the humans.



There were more changes but they're not as important.

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Got to play this last night in REMkings lobby. Good map Zan- nothing OP and no huge camp spots. Aesthetic is good as expected. Quotes of the game: "This is just like Zanzibar but with trains." "Yeah this used to be called Trainzibar but Zandril decided on Boarding Pass." 

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