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Ghost Mop

Proposal for Change in Direction for Halo—to Unify Nostalgia Gamers and New Players Equally

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Halo's sales are down. People who grew up with 1, 2, and 3, and maybe even a little Reach(?), ask yourselves, "How would you feel if Halo started to play more like a story-based—fast-paced, Mass Effect with an MMO aspect to amp up our Halo Culture?"


Watch the Video


"Call me back, and Let me know if we can make it happen!


Ghost Mop

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First off, this is NOT the official website for 343 Industries. No one from here is going to call you back. Second, wrong thread. Introductions are for you to actually introduce yourself to our fan community, not posting a useless video.


Now moving on.....


I haye threads like this. To what extent and actual belief do you have tk state that you propose a general overview or collective feeling about how older gamers of the franchise view Halo and its direction? For someone who claims to know Halo so well, you picked a tech Demo from E3 Halo 2?


For what purpose? Maybe I'm missing the point but I see no relevance to posting a half arsed stitched together demo that was nearly impossible to produce in design or theory. There is a very good reason why this demo is NOT the game we got with Halo 2.


There is absolutely nothing wrong with the direction Halo 4 and 5 started to go in. We now live in drastically different times culturaly and technology wise and it is quite common and logical to see such a drastic change for the franchise.


As much as I dislike it myself, I can systematically and logically evaluate, compatmentalize and fully understand where the franchise is heading without allowing emotions or nostalgia to effect my experience. That being said, again I personally do not like Halo 4 or 5. BUT what I dislike even more are people who impose their own view and try to pass it off as a "I know what the Halo fans want" type of directional view.


Sufice to say, you do not. Nor does the video give you any validation or showcase why your opinion should be valued over everyone elses.

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