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The Awoken Clan is a competitive and Recreational Halo gaming clan. We have been operational for over 5 years now!!! Furthermore, we currently practice in Halo 3, Halo CE Anniversary, Halo Reach, and Halo 4 on the Xbox 360. However, on Nov.11 all of our members will move onto the Xbox One, following this all of our practices and clan events will take place in Halo MCC. Are clan is run by a military based ranking and order system therefore, when we give orders you are expected to follow, failing to comply will result in punishment or termination. Moreover, even though or clan is run by a military style ranking system all members do have the right to voice their opinions in clan meetings, on forums. Our members tend to play long ours with each other and practice for at least an hour almost every other day of not every day meaning, we recruit more so of personality rather than skill. Skill can always be improved but to change who someone one is cannot always be one. Do apply you must meet the following requirements:

-Must have an Xbox One/be getting one

-Must have Halo MCC

-Must love Halo!

-Must be willing to learn and be capable of receiving and following orders

-Must be able to follow ranking system

-Must listen to higher ranks

-Must want to improve and help other to improve

-Must play recreational and sometimes competitively

-Must live in a Pacific time zone, Mountain time zone, or Eastern time zone (or as long as your within 3 hours of the pacific time)

-Must participate in all clan events and play frequently

-Cannot be in any other clans

-Must speak English (does not matter if it’s your second language as long as you can talk and listen)

-Must be 13 or older

-Must be friendly

If you have any other questions and/or want to join the Awoken Clan and be part of a fun and competitive clan please either contact Awoken Anarchy, Awoken Wrath, or Awoken Epidemic. Or you can apply on our website at www.awokenclan.weebly.com

So you on the battlefield Spartans!

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Hey could I please join is there a age restriction if so I'm 15 I live in the UK I am an active halo player I love the game and my GT is


TheMadHatter TM


Thank you.

I also have experience of being in a military clan/gaming community.

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