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Welcome travellers!


Many moons have passed as we have journeyed to bring you news from the west.

There has amassed a clan of strong and capable warriors (gamers) and they look to embolden their numbers.

We have been dispatched with great haste to the four corners of the world to find you.


We are Legend Clan, a Multi-Gaming Community.

Enjoying our 4th year since our founding, we currently have a steady 60+ members and are growing.

We play many games, though our main foothold is in League of Legends.

You can log straight into our Teamspeak 3 server and see the numerous channels for a vast array of games, ranging from Civilization and it's RTS elements to the back stabbing mob game of Town of Salem.


This is a small list of games being played recently:



Diablo 3


League of Legends




Team Fortress 2


Dungeons and Dragons: Pathfinder


We range in age, race and location, and we have people from many different backgrounds.

With that, we do not allow racial slurs of any kind. It is grounds for permanent ban from our server.

We have all sorts of players, too - the basic homebody, veterans, collegiate members, family makers..

We know that everyone's life is different and we take pride in being the vast group of people that we call Legend.


We do have a few requirements however.

You must have a functional microphone, speak english and must download Teamspeak 3.

There is a one month recruitment process where you meet us all and get voted on at the closest friday to the end of the month.


You must also follow the commandments, which are:

Thou shalt not hack

Thou shalt not be age 14 or younger.

Thou shalt not be in another Clan/Guild

Thou shalt not excessively rage/quit

Thou shalt not create personal drama within the clan


Simple and easy rules to abide by. We live by these rules and commandments.


If this seems like the place for you, and a group you can enjoy then you can find us at the following areas:

Website: www.Legend-Clan.net



And now I must take my leave. I have many more ears that have not heard word of this. I bid you farewell and welcome you to Legend Clan.

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