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Microsoft: "We need to do more"

Unease Peanut

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"We need to do more"


This is what Phil Spencer, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft, tweeted earlier.

Appearently they now realise that their current strategy isn't working that well.




The main focus for the Xbox One is now bringing more games and releasing monthly updates to improve the Xbox One experience.

So does this mean more exclusives? Or games in general?

Will they finally make the interface a bit more user friendly instead of a maze?

When will you let us know Phil?!


 "You'll hear more next month at E3" Phil later tweeted


So what it looks like now is that Microsoft might turn the tables in the console wars at E3.


But bringing more games and updating the system is not the only thing that will help in this!

There are a few other possebilities to improve the sales big time.

Like releasing a Xbox 360 emulator so you can play your old classics on the Xbox One.

Or releasing the console without the Kinect making it cheaper than the PS4.


What do you think?

Leave your answers below!


Thanks for reading :D




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I think they should hire more companies to make more Halo games.



I don't think that will suit Halo very well. It didn't work bad for CoD but Halo has a lot more than multiplayer maps that multiple companies could not correctly capture.

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They need to have more games, But they need to have some genuine time put into them rather than yearly releases, As CoD has already shown us what can happen.


The gaming industry needs to take more risks. It may not work out, But the thing that people want is innovation. THAT is what will increase sales.

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I believe they need more games that have a long story like how Halo was and like CoD, kinda was. But ultimately more games... Its kinda ro late to upgrade their consoles so they just have to see what they can do for the time being which is games and hardware.

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If Microsoft release an emulator for Xbox One, Sony will also have to do the same thing or the aftermath could affect their future sales, not that they're doing bad at all I mean they've sold more than the Xbox One. Heck, I doubt it would effect them much but still, Xbox One would get a boost of sales because of this. Saying that, I want to play my PS3 games on the PS4, so hopefully Microsoft will do this and by doing that pushes Sony to do the same thing. We'll just have to wait and see what happens of course. I want this to happen so badly! *Crosses Fingers*

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Fixing a lot of the known bugs/glitches in 360 games would also boost their sales. I know hundreds of people that said "FU Microsoft, you don't fix your crap now, why would I drop more money on a console when it's predecessor had tons of issues with multiple big name games."


I already own an Xbox one, but I can definitely see their point. I feel that Microsoft needs to crack down on it subsidiaries about them fixing their games. Bug free games = happy customers = more people buying their consoles.

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