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L4D2CZSE (Left 4 Dead 2 Community Zombie Slaughtering Event)


Welcome to a proposal for a communal Left 4 Dead 2 event! The goal of the event is to get a group of 4 people (including me) together for a couple of rounds of Left 4 Dead 2. Here are the details:


.         When:

o    06 April 2014 (Australians and co.)

o    OR

o    05 April 2014 (Americans, the British, etc.)


.         What time:

o    This has yet to be decided largely because I’m still not sure who will be playing; if we get a ton of people from the USA, we’ll make it a time that’s best for them, and if we get a ton of people from Australia/New Zealand, we’ll make it a time that’s best for them.


.         People that are currently participating:

o    yotsuba_420

o    ???

o    ???

o    ???


.         Maps that will be played (all on normal difficulty unless we encounter problems):

o    We’ll start off with a round of campaign on “Dark Carnival” (30-60ish minutes)

o    Followed by a couple of rounds of survival on the custom map “Helm’s Deep” (20ish minutes per round, but completing a round is quite difficult)

o    Followed finally by the custom map “Back to School” where we’ll see how many parts of it we can get through before people get bored and/or have to leave (15ish minutes for each part of this custom map)





I'm not completely familiar with the process that goes with Contests & Events related activities, but I do believe that to join, you should probably comment in this thread. I'll pick the first four replies and try to get a time that works for all of us.

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