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  1. Well guys i'm officially 5 now :D. I'd give everyone cake, but timezones make that hard :(

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      9 out of 10 mums recommend thyme cake

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      1 out of 10 mums prefer parsley. the devil spice.

  2. Is this DLC or a full game? If its a full game, it would seem like they're kinda... milking consumers for their money. I just hope they don't turn into a pump-and-dump kind of company (coughEAcough)
  3. It's a good game, sure, but not a 9/10 in my opinion. I have it on PS3, and I must say the controls feel clunky, like no effort was made to improve them in a more modern time. The graphics are in a 16:9 ratio, which means they're in full screen with no black bars on the side - like the type you get when playing a PS2 game, which is definitely nice. The music is good, but sound quality should have been improved for the HD release - specially when one of the game's main focuses is on music in general. You could have perhaps used the excuse that the game is for PS1, and so could only play sound in Stereo, but it is a complete HD re-release, not just a PS1/Dreamcast port, so the music quality should have definitely been improved in my opinion. Also, the options menu bugged out for me. The game was definitely amazing - perhaps even a 9/10 - when it came out on the PS1/Dreamcast, but it hasn't exactly stood the test of time, mostly due to some wear marks (clunky controls that feel outdated, relatively non-high quality sound and the fact that its a HD re-release, meaning there's really no excuse for any of these things). Currently, the PS3 version sits on a 6.5/10, maybe a 7. It could have been better.
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      ^see what i did there?

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      Well... The hustle and bustle of your sig is entertaining.

  4. Come check out this L4D2 Steam Event I got going on! - http://343i.org/1ql

  5. L4D2CZSE (Left 4 Dead 2 Community Zombie Slaughtering Event) Welcome to a proposal for a communal Left 4 Dead 2 event! The goal of the event is to get a group of 4 people (including me) together for a couple of rounds of Left 4 Dead 2. Here are the details: . When: o 06 April 2014 (Australians and co.) o OR o 05 April 2014 (Americans, the British, etc.) . What time: o This has yet to be decided largely because I’m still not sure who will be playing; if we get a ton of people from the USA, we’ll make it a time that’s best for them, and if we get a ton of people from Australia/New Zealand, we’ll make it a time that’s best for them. . People that are currently participating: o yotsuba_420 o ??? o ??? o ??? . Maps that will be played (all on normal difficulty unless we encounter problems): o We’ll start off with a round of campaign on “Dark Carnival” (30-60ish minutes) o Followed by a couple of rounds of survival on the custom map “Helm’s Deep” (20ish minutes per round, but completing a round is quite difficult) o Followed finally by the custom map “Back to School” where we’ll see how many parts of it we can get through before people get bored and/or have to leave (15ish minutes for each part of this custom map) I'm not completely familiar with the process that goes with Contests & Events related activities, but I do believe that to join, you should probably comment in this thread. I'll pick the first four replies and try to get a time that works for all of us.
  6. Absolutely true. L4D2 is already a fantastic game, and the Steam Workshop makes it even better. I really hope they don't take the Steam Workshop from L4D3 like they did with CS:GO. It would ruin game in my opinion - half of the fun is just installing goofy mods and skins.
  7. Gabe Newell, a head individual in charge of Half-Life and numerous other Valve titles has hosted an IAMA thread on reddit today, and was asked about the Source 2 engine by reddit user motoxalex. GabeN provided a response concerning the engine, speaking about it's focus on user-created content. GabeN actually replying to a post about the new Source Engine is incredibly important, as it confirms the fact that the Source 2.0 Engine (S2E) actually exists. Before GabeN's post, some screenshots of a level from L4D2 re-rendered in S2E was leaked on the internet by user CBOAT, and Left 4 Dead enthusiasts became very excited (On the second picture, the one on the left is the current Source Engine while the one on the right is S2E): This confirmation of S2E may also suggest that a new influx of Valve games may be incoming; aka all current Valve games, but with a 3 instead of a 2 (Half-Life 3, Left 4 Dead 3, Team Fortress 3). However, don't go shouting "HALFLIEF3 CUNFIERMEDD!!!!!!11ONE" at the top of your lungs just yet; the creation of new Valve games is still just my speculation, but the existence of S2E is confirmed.
  8. From Family Guy to Game of Thrones, House of Cards to Pokemon. What series has the best pilot ever? It could be because of the surprising twists and turns the story takes or about the character development that happens so early on. Heck, it could even be just that it looks good. What do you think is the best pilot episode ever? Personally, I think Breaking Bad had the best pilot ever. It's plot kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time even though it was just a pilot. After watching it, I couldn't stop watching it, and got instantly hooked.
  9. My new PC. Everything in it. I've watched multiple hour long benchmark and comparison videos for various parts. I've seriously spent multiple nights trying to see if I can squeeze out 1-2fps increases from parts by changing what parts are assimilated with it. Changing fans in liquid coolers to less noise, more static pressure fans. Rearranging the inside of the case to increase airflow, etc. etc. It's become an unhealthy obsession; I've missed countless hours of sleep tinkering with parts and tweaking my setup. I need to stop T,T
  10. How did that even happen? Did the case become warped from the heat of the parts, or did you just jam pack everything in there? Can you provide pictures or are you not near it right now?
  11. G'day everyone. I just wanted some advice from those of you with computing experience regarding what the best choice is between a set of cases. The cases in question are the: Thermaltake Chaser A71This case seems very nice, with 4 200mm fans (3 at the front and 1 on the side panel) and 1 120mm rear fan. However, the 3 fans at the front seem a bit too close to the HDDs, and it also doesn't look like you can move the HDD rack from the front to the back (which would have helped with cooling quite a bit), meaning the 3 front fans might not be too helpful with cooling the rest of the PC. Furthermore, the GPU sits smackbang in the middle of the case and appears to block air ventilation from the bottom of the case to the top of it where the exhaust fans are. This case is currently very unappealing. Thermaltake Core V71Similar to the Chaser, this case has 4 200mm fans, but they're placed more differently than the Chaser, with 2 200mm fans at the front and 2 200mm at the top as well as 3 120mm fans (2 at the bottom and 1 at the rear). You can move the HHD rack around in this case, and as far as I can tell from the pictures on their website, you can place the rack almost anywhere, which means you can move it somewhere where it doesn't block any of the intake or exhaust fans. The GPU still sits smackbang in the middle of the case (Thermaltake really likes their GPU to be nice and central, don't they?) but with the addition of the modular HDD rack, you're able to move the HDDs to somewhere where the air flow can still pass by the GPU. This case looks quite nice indeed. Thermaltake Chaser A71 LCSThis is almost exactly the same as the original Chaser A71, but it includes a built-in liquid cooling system - the infamous Bigwater 850 GT - another one of Thermaltake's liquid cooling solutions that has received numerous terrible ratings and reviews due to the fact that it's radiator is made of aluminium ('nuff said). I can't vouch for this cooler since I have no personal experience with it, but I haven't seen a single person say a single good thing about it. The case still has the same problems as the original A71, so it seems this one is the one to avoid at all costs. Keep away. CoolerMaster 690 IIIThe cheapest case on here, and the most normal looking one. Has 1 200mm fan at the front, but you can swap this out for 2 120mm fans. It has a sidepanel that you can swap out for a sidepanel with fan (I'm not sure what type of fan comes in this sidepanel, sorry!). The theme with this case seems to be 120/140mm fans, as it has a space for 2 120mm fans at the top of the case, 1 rear exhasut 120mm fan and space for what looks like 2 120mm fans, meaning all in all this case can possibly hold 7 120mm fans. It has a HDD rack at the front of the case, but you can remove this for more room for your fans or even a water-cooling radiator to maximise cooling efficiency. This case also looks quite nice indeed. Overall, all of these cases are appealing (except for the Chaser A71 LCS, which everyone has told me includes the Bigwater 850 GT which is apparently garbage) and all have their pros and cons. Currently, my favourite is the Thermaltake Core V71, but the CoolerMaster 690 III also looks very good. If you have any experience or knowledge with any of these cases, please let me know, and tell me which case you think looks the best!
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