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Found 2 results

  1. Hey there everyone! I've been knee deep in Spartan Ops and War Games over the past month, and have taken a long sip from the goblet of pandemonium and teamwork. There aren't many things I can see wrong with Halo4, and Matchmaking for me has become a near addiction. So, in saying that, I've also encountered of a lack of community which, personally, is what keeps me locked to the online experience. In saying that, I'm looking for a clan who like getting together and moving from game to game with mics, entertaining everyone with all flavours of banter. I reckon I'm not that bad of a player and I could be of benefit in competition. I dunno' what people look for as a pre-requisite. I have a positive kill/death ratio, if that helps. Oh, and I’m Australian. Anyway. Hit me up if you like. LeadingSimon316
  2. Ok, HILLO, thought i might say that! Not long ago i made a topic of my 500th post, with members who at the time made a difference to me on this site. But this topic is about who helped me from when i started here, to this post. This is a very selective group of people, please don't be hurt if you aren't mentioned, as i said this people who have been there ALL of the time i have been here. The order is in order of posts, not order of awesomeness. Spectral Jester ~ This british man is a true hero to this site, i have enjoyed his company and his dedication like his weekly marketplace updates, this man puts so much time into this site its not funny...well it kinda is i guess lol. Also, Aussies are better in cricket SJ,not the poms Absolute Dog ~ He is a main reason I joined so many things in this site, his baby; the forge competition was such a big thing to me, though i didn't come first, it was such a nice thing to be in, and what he does to make us happy goes a lot of the times, unnoticed. But also seriously dint trust him, your name will be changed . Mr. Biggles ~ Our happy british member, like SJ azwell (aza, aswell....get it...lol) but yeah, a true helper to the site, he is a very proud member, also a kind and caring one who loves to help around. And good job on the cyan Biggles. Vitamin PWN ~ Late at night is when I get bored, and do you know who is on to keep me entertained, yes it's Mr. V. Because my timezone as you may know is very different to most of yours, i don't get to speak to anyone much, but he is always happy to speak to me and have a joke azwell. Thanks for staying up late Mr. V! ZB-85 ~ ZB, is i think our kindest member, no offence guys/girls, he will always welcome anyone, no matter who they are, he doesn't get into fights, he does hold grudges, he is a genuine happy, and caring person. Thanks for always welcoming me! Ms. Mystic ~ One of the kindest people I know ever, on the internet and in RL, she really cares what goes one with people and does her best to be kind. She stands up to her opinion which not many people do well. Thanks Mystic for the good times we've had. Donut ~ The funniest member I believe, an amazing forger. Though he can get angry with members, its his happiness and ability to be funny what counts. Donut is also someone you can rely on to play with, he also makes brilliant machinimas and I hope to see the newest one fully done soon! Thanks for all of my funny moments here Donut. Le Derp King ~ The first Aussie i have met on here, this person is a true helper when it comes to Halo, so you always rely on him, he sticks to his word and his dedicated with what he does. Have loves a chat with me and having fun,and thats what i value in people. Thanks again and go Essendon Bombers! Okay that pretty much is it for the main people I believe have helped me get to this incredible achievement, don't be sad if you weren't on this list, this was very selective and you still are awesome friends. Also thanks to Twam! for letting this site get regular maintenance and work on, without him, nothing would be achieved, though i don't understand anything about the computers and stuff that he goes on about. Also if I may, can i request that all of this text is changed to yellow as i cant do it on the ipad and if someone can, change the member names to the colour that is shown on this site...thanks! Ps. Im expecting a little award soon ! Your faithful Australian, Azaxx!
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