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Found 4 results

  1. I was thinking about how could 343 could expand on the halo franchise and what I came up with may inspire some 343 workers. I have not came up with a name for it but Here is the story. Earth, The last stand for the humans. As humans we always think differently. Sometimes to our benefits and sometimes not. We find a small group of humans in the city of Mombasa a cultist group of humans. They believe the covenant is right. They form a group called the Marauders. In that group they go on covert ops missions to steal whatever information they can from ONI, N.M.P.D, and UNSC files. Then send faint signals and encoded inscriptions of stolen information to covenant receiver ships. After a N.M.P.D patrolling officer is found shot with an SMG on the side of the street, N.M.P.D troopers are stationed to keep watch. Meanwhile the Marauders send a slipspace beacon location at New Mombasa. Progress through by flying wombat recon drones and eliminating members of the cultists with snipers as Police Units while going on Covert missions to recover info for the covenant as the marauders we get both sides of the story. In the end the covenant send a phantom to earth with an active camo system undetectable by radar, they manage to park on a skyscraper. a small covenant file of grunts and elites steps out. They are greeted by the marauders and are shown all gathered information on earth and the UNSC. The Humans plead for allowance to follow along with the aliens on the Great Journey. The covenant troops raise their plasma weapons and murder the cultist troops. Lastly you play as the N.M.P.D troops battling against the random file of covenant troops. The covenant gathers the info and sends a waypoint to earth where the battle of new mombasa begins. The prophet of truth hears about this from the only remaining elite from the covert phantom and lies to the prophet of regret that there are helpful forerunner attributes to allow brutes to take over elites. All new game play could be added with this and it would only be a campaign similar to that of Halo 3: ODST. You would fly wombat drones controlled by ODST units in a UNSC cruiser on recon missions. Sneak into ONI buildings gaining more access to knowledge and terminals. Sniper missions from aircraft on assassination missions, betrayals, and at the end, a classic halo battle that we all love against the covenant. Tell me what you think.
  2. So I have an idea. What if there was this new game type for Halo 5. Or Halo 6 if the isn't enough time to implement it. But here is the idea. First team to 3 points win. Normal team slayer, but with a twist. You start on one of the multiplayer maps, could do a big map for 6v6 or 8v8 or a small map for 4v4 or 2v2. First to 10 kills gains a point for their team. Then here is the crazy part. Once that point is scored, the map starts exploding. You have 15 seconds to get to the extraction point. If you die from the map exploding, then you have to sit out of the next round for the first 30 seconds, maybe 15 seconds, or however long makes it well balanced. Now the 2nd round isn't on your previous map. It's on a whole NEW map. But you are still in the same game, So now you must switch up your team strategy on the fly! This round goes the same. 10 kills, scores point for your team. Map explodes, next round starts off on another new map. This goes on until a team gains 3 points. So if you are perfect the whole way, you only play 3 maps. But if the opponent is as good as your team, you could be playing up to 5 maps. Maybe even make the tie-breaking fifth map something special. Like Over-shields for the first minute or bottomless clips or double damage or infinite ammo. These maps could be randomized or have set playlists that you can vote on. Maybe having each map have its own game type as well. Like your first map was team slayer, then the next one is oddball, and the one after that is capture the flag. But shorter versions of each one. This could possibly even work for the MC Collection, since it has a ton of maps. So what do you think, guys?
  3. One thing I've been asking my friends is: What is one new and interesting thing you want in Halo 5? I don't want answers like "new armor", "elites", because that's already been done, and if you say a new weapon, then describe it please. A new thing that I want is Elite Female Models, similar to how Spartans get Female Models that are playable. I want to know your interesting and new ideas, it can be anything, new(obviously), old but revised, creative, bland, unique, or something everyone's thought of already.
  4. Elites have so many smaller guys to fight with them, what if on certain parts of the campaign, there was like some sort of animal that exists that helps fight the elites, (or whoever you fight in halo 4). I also think this should be available in custom games or forge mode to play like a clan battle with little side kicks or something. I think it would make Halo a funnier, much more fun, and much cooler expierience, and would even get more people to buy the game. Any ideas or comments post bellow.
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