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Found 5 results

  1. Here's one that I've created. Alright.. Well, one night my friend and I were making stories for halo... We had a story about a marine Jäger that was transferred to a diferrent squad cause of hud increase in skills of combat. almost like Noble six. And the UNSC traveld to a new planet at the edge of the galaxy it was a green mountain filled planet that is mostly covered damp every where like a hot night but even the days felt like it. UNSC has spotted living life forms that were not Human or Covenant on the planet. UNSC dispatched a ship to scout the planet. When it was night at the planet Jäger's squad A.K.A Squad Alpha the first squad to be sent out for a mission. Their mission were to scout a area that could have the Unknown life form in it. Jäger was manning the turret on the Warthog. his Squad leader Sean in the driver's seat. Sean looks to his right. "Devon, put your helmet on damn it.... You don't never know when we could be attacked." Sean slightly says with an annoyed tone at Devon his third squad member. "Y-yes sir... just not thinking straight sir..." Devon says back with a nervous voice. Sean chuckled and replied "Don't worry newbies like you are always scared at first, but you get use to the battlefield after a bit." Sean looks back at Jäger and asks So how long did you say you were in the military for?" "About four years sir." He replies back. Sean asks "So what made you so interested in staying in the military for so long" Jäger had a small depressed tone to his voice and replies to Sean's question. "I am following my father's foot steps sir. He died fighting in battle and was known as a legend I wish to become just like him." Sean says "Well I am glad to hear that.." Commander says into the comms "Alright soldiers you three are getting close to the area stay alert." Sean replies "Yes sir." Soon as they drive up to the location their equipment begin to fail. The radio they have that allows them to speak to their commander makes a loud white noise and turns off. Sean keeps calling for the Commander but no reply ever comes. Few minuted after driving the warthog becomes EMPED. Sean yells "God damn it... looks like we're going on foot men." All three of them disembark from the Warthog and walk closer to the area. As they get closer they can hear a loud screechy noise coming from a hole. It's in the middle of the location they were sent to. Sean walks up to the hole and attempts to shine a light down it. It wouldn't turn on either after Sean places down his rifle on the ground he asks Devon for a road flare. Devon unattaches one from his vest and gived it to Sean. Sean proceeds to light the flare up and drop the flare into the hole. Slowly seeing it fall it show small creatures sticking to the wall. They begin to screech and fly out of the Sean picks up his rifle as attempts to fire at them but his rifle became EMPED as well. Sean yells "Run now!" They start to fly down to the ground making them selves into spears. One goes through Sean's leg and makes him stumble to the ground and fall inside into the hole. Devon and Jäger began running back to the warthog. As they began running back Devon was stabbed several time through the chest. And fell to the ground from an instant death. Jäger dodge the swarm's attack by getting getting behind the warthog. The swarm kept slamming into the Warthog causing it to become damage to the point where gas was leaking. Jäger noticed that they were focused on the warthog and began to run toward a patch through the woods. Jäger ran 100 meters before being picked up by a big ugly beast. The beast threw Jäger cause him to roll on the ground. Jäger tries to get up but is to dazed from the rolling. Everytime he tried liftinf him self up he was fall over. The beast walked over to Jäger and lifts a fist up and punches Jäger in head causing him to knock out. Yes, I know I suck at grammar.
  2. Hey guys. After my first try at fan fiction (Life or Dishonor), I'm back for another try, which will hopefully be better and cooler! This whole thing is (obviously) not official canon by any means, and will probably go against a bit of the canon (for example, Hyar not actually being a colony). So that's the general bit. It is the early years of the Human-Covenant War. Spartans are scarce, and so are ships capable of defending Earth's colonies. Hyar is a planet in the far flung system Orion Eta, and has little chance of survival, now that the Covenant have found it. However, the few ships in orbit, the Freezerburn, Witching Hour, and Archangel will fight to the end with the Covenant, who are searching for something on the planet's surface. Their small contingent of Marines and few battle capable citizens must fight overwhelming odds to find the Forerunner artifacts on Hyar before the Covenant do. How will the humans survive on Hyar without a Spartan to save them? So that's it basically. Check back, as I'll be posting new snazz and jazz (the story) in bits and pieces. Stay tuned for some Hyar! And stuff!
  3. A question many people ask who don't play Halo is, "What's so good about it? What makes it better than any other FPS?" There are things about Halo that other games beat it at, and there are things that not everyone enjoys about it. Which makes that question hard to answer. I think that the answer, quite simply, would be "everything". Here's my reasons. The campaign of the game starts off with a lone warrior. That's a bit cliche, until we learn that he wasn't always alone. That he used to be part of a team. And that most of that team is dead, and that they died defending the human race. Which is exactly what the lone warrior intends to do. You fight enemies with technology that seems to be mystical, until you actually pick it up and use it on them. You pick up the game and play it, and you find the story to be kind of... empty. Then you find out about the Haloverse, and all the books that go with the games that fill in the gaps. That's what grabbed me about Halo. I was mainly into it for the multiplayer with my friends, but then when I actually picked up one of the books I was forever hooked. Turns out the story of the games is only 1/1000th of the full story. The story about the technologically superior alien race that is determined to wipe out humanity, and humanity doing everything it can to simply survive. The story about what originally started the SPARTAN and MJOLNIR programs. The story of how Master Chief Petty Officer John Spartan 117 came to be in a cryotube aboard the Pillar of Autumn. That in and of itself sets it apart from most FPS games. Then we have the multiplayer. The constantly evolving, adapting, and fun multiplayer. Everyone has their own favorite Halo multiplayer, and that to me is amazing. That the games can be so different from each other that people will argue for hours over whether Halo 3 or Halo Reach had the better multiplayer. The simplicity of the multiplayer at the beginning was what hooked most of us older gamers. Pressing one button to switch between two weapons at the time was revolutionary. And there were some pretty cool ways to play as well. Then things started getting a bit more complex, but even then that added more fun to the game. Customizable gametypes, the ability to play with people who you've never met before and might not again while still playing with friends, more vehicles and weapons. And then they let you customize armor, gametypes, and even maps to play on. Even people who didn't want to play multiplayer that often always had something to do. Then came Forge World and more armor customization. It was to the point where you could tell a player just by the type of armor they were wearing. You could spend hours customizing your character and building a map and gametype. And all of this on a console. And then we have the community. Sure, it's not perfect, but it's still more tight knit than most. There are so many different people that contribute to Halo that it's unbelievable. There is enough fan fiction to fill entire novels. There's enough Machinima to last you for days (maybe weeks), even if you were watching it all back to back. And all of that is from the Halo community. That makes the game SO much more fun to me. When I can discover a new detail in the campaign and have an active discussion with a dozen people about it, that's when you know there's something good about the game. The fanbase is no more or less loyal than other games, but it's definitely more "in depth". There are people in the community who create and write backstories for their spartans, which is something you usually only see in RPG's. There are plenty of games that can say that they have a feature that Halo does. Whether it be a good story, a good multiplayer, a good fanbase, or a good game mechanic. The thing about Halo, though, is that it has them all. Whether you play it for just the story, for just the multiplayer, or just the ability to create, you play it because you enjoy what you can do in the game. That's the reason I think Halo is awesome, and am definitely looking forward to Halo 5.
  4. This is the fan fiction for my Spartan III, Spartan-419. I originally created this on Waypoint, but seeing as this should be my new home, I'll post it here. It's actually a really unique story. Recommend to read. Name: -CLASSIFIED- Service #: S-419 (Codename: ScreamingDuck) Group: S-III/ Beta-Company Enlistment Date: XX/XX/2539 Location: N/A Gender: Male Birthplace: Earth Birth Date: XX/XX/2532 Early Life and Indoctrination: Spartan-419 began as all Spartan III's had; abducted into the Spartan program at young age, and augmentated at the age of 14 to eventually become a Spartan super-soldier; the only thing to stand in the way of the Covenant and the complete annihilation of the Human race. Spartan-419 was conscripted into Beta company. Military Life/Performance/Notes : Spartan 419's performance always continues to surprise all - a one spartan army is what many know him as. Spartan-419 has been known to take on suicide missions - insanely large Covenant groups on his own, stating that he works better alone and that teammates only get in his way Spartan-419 is also known to be often clumsy or unlucky, and he very often barely makes it out of his missions alive. Nonetheless, he would eventually go on to gain enough trust from his commanding officers to be deployed as a single unit. Spartan-419 is known to be an incredibly gifted sniper, but he doesn't seem to take advantage of this on the field often enough. He finds security in bringing a sniper rifle onto the field with him, but only uses it when the situation is dire. He states that it isn't his style to hide away at range. Equipment: MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor M6 Personal Defense Weapon System (Magnum) M9 High-Explosive Dual-Purpose grenade (Frag Grenade) Sniper Rifle System 99 Anti-Matériel (Sniper Rifle) Type-25 Directed Energy Rifle (Plasma Rifle) Active Camo module Personal Combat Knife Spartan 419 mainly arms himself with a pistol of the "M6 Magnum" series, his favorite being the M6D for it's raw power and reliability, which many find to be just downright stupid. He also states that it's his way of being unique. While he largely favors the Magnum, he often backpacks a reliable backpack weapon should he ever need to a larger weapons or have to "make a splash". Spartan-419 uses his Combat Knife very often in battle to take down large enemies swiftly and quietly. Spartan-419 has also been noted to take a strong shine to Covenant weaponry, backpacking a Plasma Rifle whenever he can. Spartan 419 is also known to be an incredibly tactical soldier, using anything and everything on the field to his advantage. Other soldiers often watch clips from his helmet cam in the REC room, stating Spartan-419 as nothing else but a pure bad -Yoink!-, even going on to compare him to the Spartan known as John-117. Over the course of Spartan-419's military career, he has became very well-known and liked in the corps and thought of extremely highly by officers higher up Even over the course of his mere 30 missions, he's quickly rising to be a Legend among the UNSC. Or atleast he was. On August 18 of 2552, Spartan-419 was dispatched to defend the city of New Alexandria from Covenant forces invading from the Beachhead. Not only had they been trying to lay seige to the city, but were looking for something deep within in it. . . The Covenant forces had been quelled, but Spartan-419 never returned from this mission, and his whereabouts remain unknown. Spartan-419 is presumed KIA, and has been marked as MIA. (While all dead spartans are marked MIA, he is one of few Spartan to truly be missing in action.) Many believe he is still alive out of sheer denial, but his status remains Unknown. Most recent photo of Spartan -419 in combat
  5. Hello! My name is SPARTAN-A061, and I am posting my new fan fiction story here! I also have posted it on fanfiction.net (It's the same title), but I would also like to see what other people think. I will post the new chapters as they come, and I hope you enjoy! Prologue RE: OPERATION: SWIFT HARPOON FROM: MGEN. TIKHON A. KONSTANTINOV, UNSC HIGHCOM TO: COL. INGOLF C. LARSSON, UNSC-SANGHEILI COORDINATOR Colonel Larsson, unfortunately for your request on OPERATION: SWIFT HARPOON, there are not nearly enough SPARTAN-IVs to conduct it. Currently, the majority of the branch has been deployed to Forerunner Shield World Requiem, under the command of CDR. Sarah Palmer. However, OPERATION: SWIFT HARPOON may still be initiated; there are two SPARTAN-IV fireteams currently available: Fireteams Echo and Charlie. Though off the record, you’re gonna have a hell of a time trying to convince the Arbiter to lend more of the SpecOps for the operation. There is good news though, Fireteam Charlie is lead by SPARTAN-A061, also known as CDR. James H. Lombardi. Do not reply to this message within the next 24 hours if you believe OPERATION: SWIFT HARPOON should be initiated.
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