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Found 2 results

  1. I downloaded digital copy of halo 5 with warzone req pack and reach episodes. The 9g update has gone through but still I can not access multiplayer!!! The bottom right hand corner of the main menu still says I'm offline. The multiplayer and community options are grey. I can only play the campaign and I've already beat it. It was awesome btw!! I'm dying here not being able to play multiplayer!!!! Before you ask. Yes I have reinstalled the game multiple times. Hard restart on my Xbox. Restarted my router and modem. Internet connection is perfect/ multiplayer connection is perfect. I even contacted Microsoft they said there is nothing wrong on their end. Any help, input or idea would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.
  2. Hello community, I generally do not post on game forums unless there is something that seems to be giving me problems (duh). I want to start by saying that I am exceptionally satisfied with Halo 4. I think 343 did an excellent job in creating an opener for the new Halo Trilogy. Now, please read the following with an open mind, I would prefer people to not rage on this topic / take what you see and completely disagree with the avid-Halo fan attitude (we do not want to create issues that we saw in Halo Reach in the opening months). First, the campaign was brilliant. The story was engaging and I felt like I was in a movie. This is a good thing, and I think more games need to follow suite. Second, the multiplayer is exceptionally good. I am a SR - 42 and I will tell you at times you want to throw the game out the window. The playlists add a degree of competitiveness and innovative (or combined) styles of play, i.e. dominion. Dominion is by far one of the best playlists out. It is so freaking good. Now, (please read carefully and do not jump to conclusions), I have been playing competitive first person shooters since Halo CE. I absolutely love Counterstrike and I loooove Halo 3. The problem I am seeing with Halo 4, that can be fixed, is lag compensation and the style of matchmaking. Lag compensation is evident in the matchmaking system and glaringly obvious when you are DMRing people. I actually did not notice for awhile until today. Maybe it is because Counterstrike GO and Source were similar in the respect that the game would cater to bad connection players. This is fine because Valve made an option available to the players to TURN DOWN the lag compensation if the player had a good connection or TURN IT UP if the player had a bad connection. This NEEDS TO BE ADDED INTO HALO 4! You cannot have a competitive multiplayer game and expect it to survive when good connection players are being punished without an option to damper the lag compensation. At the very least they can add an option in the menu to turn it up or down with settings like: low, medium, or high and give the players the option to select one. The game can even tell you what would be prefered under your connection type and would not break the game but make it awesome! Now any other opinions or suggestions would be great to give to 343 . Matchmaking, is whole other story. (I am not crying about matchmaking and trying to flame, etc. just want to give my opinion.) I think in the next few weeks or even a month from now, Halo 4 should have separate matchmaking playlists for ranked and unranked. What made Halo 3 so successful was the fact I could choose when to play competitively or choose to play not competitively. Much like Counterstrike (which is arguably the most competitive shooter), there were unranked playlists and ranked playlists in GO (Global Offensive). I am not trying to say "MAKE THE GAME LIKE COUNTERSTIKE OR BLACK OPS OR I QUIT" but I would like to have the ability to select if I want to try or not. Personally, video games are for fun. I do not want to play Final Boss and company (lol) every single game. Side note, please fix the connection issues for coop and spartan ops please 343 (Not detrimental but would be nice). Now, Halo 4 community, let us try to come up with logical and DOABLE fixes for the game. Taking out lag compensation would mean recreating the game, so that is not an option but to add something like an option to select your degree of lag compensation would BE EXCELLENT AND IT WORKS! The playlist issues we might see change soon, as ranked playlists will be out, but I would like to KNOW that I am doing unranked or ranked and be able to adjust my play accordingly. Please listen and take this opinion, as an opinion and a suggestion. Thank you, Unseenz EDIT: I want to add that I am only trying to give a suggestion that could save 343 money rather than completely reworking the servers (making them dedicated, etc.) This way it saves them money and helps us as gamers! EDIT EDIT: This is a new game, so let us not talk about imbalance of weapons, gear, etc. The game is near perfect, just needs a few tweaks.
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