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Found 10 results

  1. Iv'e got one project spark beta code for windows 8.1 to give away. I got the beta key through a giveaway but I do not have windows 8. The first person to comment saying why they want it can have it. I will message the winner with the code. Enjoy! MUST HAVE a WINDOWS 8 PC Description: Congratulations! You’ve been selected for the Project Spark Beta! We’re proud to have you onboard to help shape the future of Project Spark. This invitation gives you early access to Project Spark and exclusive access to our feedback forums. Project Spark is an endless adventure where everything is customizable by you! Jump into the open world sandbox where you can create your own games, worlds, movies, stories and more. Then share them with your family, friends, and the world. - Play what other players have made and take part in unlimited adventures. - Make your own game while you play with the revolutionary Crossroads mode. - Bend, shape, and mold your own worlds with sculpting and beautify your creations with painting and Biomes. - Master the easy to use brain system to add behaviors to anything and bring your creations to life. It’s quick and easy to get started: 1. Make sure you are running Windows 8.1. If you haven’t updated from Windows 8 to 8.1, you can do so for free via the Windows Store 2. Download the Project Spark Beta app on the Windows Store here. 3. Launch the Project Spark Beta App and log in with your Beta Key
  2. HaloCustoms.com has announced the "Get a CLUE Forge Contest"! Use your forging skills to create a new map for play on the classic CLUE Gametype in Halo 4! Map limited by your imagination only!! All relevant information including rules, how to submit, and map requirements can be found HERE!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5rz5PRpf6E&feature=player_embedded
  3. We're announcing a great controller giveaway here at HaloCustoms.com! Basically all you have to do is design a controller and post it -- then you've got a chance to win it! The controller you win will be the customized controller you designed, with the option of rapid-fire mod or not! You can enter the contest here: Controller Design Giveaway The controller I designed: And here it is in real life: Enjoy! Posted with permission from AD.
  4. Within the next eight days, I will give away this Halo 4 Bonebreaker Emblem to whomever helps me the most on whatever I need done within the next eight days. I do have authorization to give this away, and whomever helped me the most will receive the code for the emblem via email.
  5. The results are in!! The winner of the BCAM Giveaway is... Heke V!! He will receive a FREE Halo 4 Tritton Trigger Headset!! Info on the headset found HERE!! CONGRATULATIONS Heke V!! Thanks again to ALL who participated and supported BCAM this month!! Without your support, the event would not have been as successful!! Archangel Tyrael Choot 'em Darkrain491 Donut EGYPTIANGHETTO Heke V Hippie iTz Vplus2 Jeff Hall killulotz8 Lil Dog Mr. Bashful Brute Quantum skummgummigubbe skys Tallgeese Tsicksense Vitamin PWN Zaguroth Zelda Thanks again!!
  6. Hey all Halo gamer's and Xbox Live players you all need to check out BravoMLG on youtube and stay tune for all his amazing Halo 4 videos. He is definitely my most favorite commentator! His channel on youtube is BravoMLG everyone go subscribe to him you won't regret it! Everyone go check out his Huge Halo 4 Giveaway video! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UKF9Qf1I1zM&list=UUq7AJTe2LVeTN_vanfZ5bkw&index=1&feature=plcp
  7. Gaming for BCAM Event / Giveaway October 27, 2012 All Day Event Halo: Reach, Rumble Pit October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month Come show your support for the fight against breast cancer by joining in the Official 343iCF Gaming for BCAM!! Help spread the word while gaming with friends and fellow members of the community! This is a Non-hosting event in which all members are encouraged to paticipate at their own leisure. You are encouraged to join fellow members at 343iCF, but not necessary to qualify. 343iCF Participant Goal >>> 50 participating members. A small goal for such a worthy cause! ....but wait there's more!! This is also a contest!! All who participate and receive the "BCAM Playdate Award" will automatically be entered in a chance to win a Halo_4_Trigger_headset!! That's right....ABSOLUTELY FREE!!! Drawing to be held on November 4, 2012. **Giveaway and Award valid to registered users of 343iCF ONLY Special "BCAM Playdate Award" will be given to all who participate in and fulfill all of the requirements below! Participant must be a registered user at 343iCF by October, 27, 2012 Provide proof in the form of 3 screenshots taken of your Spartan during matches dated October 27, 2012 **matches must be played in Rumble Pit** **links to screenshots in fileshare will be accepted** [*]Provide a link via Halowaypoint dated October 27, 2012 of 4 matches played [*]Participants must also make these 3 changes to their Spartan. Proof will be in the screenshot and match link! Primary armor color >>> Pink Secondary armor color >>> Silver Clan Tag >>> 343I You see what I did there, lmao! "343" Please send screenshots (or links to screenshots) and links to matches via PM to Choot_'em @ 343iCF. When in pre-game lobby, be sure to let the opposing players know what you are gaming for and who you represent!! 343iCF "The friendliest forums on the net!" **IMPORTANT UPDATE** If possible, please save any gameplay footage of your matches. Will try to get a compilation video of gameplay from BCAM matches to add to 343iCF's Youtube Channel. Thank You!!
  8. Choot 'em's Christmas Challenge With Christmas upon us, I say it's due time for another one of Choot 'em's Challenges!!! This one will be a doozy!!! *disturbing evil laugh* LMAO!!! Description Use your imagination to decypher the message!!! Arrange scrambled letters to reveal the message!!! Post the complete message in order and who says the message!!! Answer correctly to win ALL prizes listed!!! Prizes OMGBBQ!!!! *Pre-ordered copy of Halo 4 *Turtle Beach Earforce X12 *Xbox 360 CleanDr Laser Lens Cleaner *Xbox 360 Media Remote *Xbox Live 12 month Gold Starter Kit 12 month gold membership: Xbox Gold is your connection to online gaming, HD movies & TV shows, friends, music and more! 400 Microsoft Points: Use Microsoft Points to download games, add-ons, movies, TV shows and more! Xbox 360 Chatpad: The easy way to enter codes and stay connected with friends on Facebook and Twitter! Xbox 360 Headset: Get your head in the game for the full multiplayer experience. Rules Staff NOT eligible to participate You must post message in it's entirity, in order, AND who says the message!! Multiple posts allowed If editing post, you MUST use "Edit 'by line' here" NO criticism towards other posts Only post your ANSWER, this is not a discussion thread!!! Have fun with the challenge!!! Failure to comply to any and all rules set forth herein results in immediate disqualification Challenge Halo: Glasslands by Karen Traviss THOUGH THE COVENANT HAS COLLAPSED, HUMANITY'S WAR IS FAR FROM OVER.... The Covenant has collapsed after a long, brutal war that saw billions slaughtered on Earth and her colonies. For the first time in decades, however, peace finally seems possible. But though the fighting's stopped, the war is far from over: it's just gone underground. The UNSC's feared and secretive Office of Naval Intelligence recruits Kilo-Five, a team of ODST's, a Spartan, and a diabolical AI, to accelerate the Sangheili insurrection. Meanwhile, the Arbiter, the defector turned leader of a broken Covenant, struggles to stave off civil war among his divided people. Across the galaxy, a woman thought to have died on Reach is actually very much alive. Chief scientist Dr. Catherine Halsey broke every law in the book to create the Spartans, and now she's broken some more to save them. Marooned with Chief Mendez and a Spartan team in a Forerunner slipspace bubble hidden in a destroyed planet Onyx, she finds that the shield world has been guarding an ancient secret - a treasure trove of Forerunner technology that will change everything for the UNSC and mankind. As Kilo-Five joins the hunt for Halsey, humanity's violent past begins to catch up with all of them as disgruntled colony Venezia has been biding its time to strike at Earth, and its most dangerous terrorist has an old, painful link with both Halsey and Kilo-Five that will test everyone's loyalty to the limit. As you can tell, the prize value for this challenge has been significantly increased. Due this increase in value, I have equally increased the difficulty!!! As I always do.....a hint..... I ENCOURAGE full participation from the community!!! This is our gift to you the members of 343industries.org!!! This giveaway will reamain open until prizes have been won!!! Good luck to everyone..........the clock is ticking..... TICK-TOCK.....TICK-TOCK!!!!! *Disclaimer* Neither 343i.org nor it's staff assume responsibility for sudden brain implosions, fits of rage, or bursts of unpredictable insanity. If, for some reason, you feel the onset of insanity, seek immediate professional psychiatric attention!!
  9. It is time for the December Giveaway!!! This time, we will test your site and forum knowledge!!! Prizes Gold (1st) - Xbox 360 Controller - "Razor Onza Tournament Edition" Silver (2nd) - 12 Month Xbox Live Gold subscription Bronze (3rd) - 1600 Microsoft Points For December's giveaway, you will need to provide FOUR (4) items in your post to be eligible to win!! If any item is missing or you provide "broken" links/attachments, you will be ineligible to win!!! Items can be in any order as long as they are all provided within the post!! Winners to be chosen December 24, 2011!!! Post your XBL Avatar Provide a link to YOUR stats at Bungie.net for either Halo 3/ODST or Reach Attach a screenshot from your fileshare Have a signature that properly displays with your post Posting avatar should be fairly simple using BBCode availble in the Chat Box. Example: [avatar*]YOUR GT HERE[/avatar*] ^^You must insert YOUR XBL gamertag here^^ DO NOT INCLUDE THE ASTERICKS To provide a link to your Bungie.net stats, sign in to Bungie.net, go to Halo3/ODST or Reach stats, right-click, properties, copy/paste url, change url to MyStats Example: MyStats To attach a screenshot you must be in Full Editor mode. Click "Choose File" in the bottom left corner, choose screenshot found in your Documents folder, add to post. This must be done as an attachment only! Your signature MUST not exceed the maximum size of 600 X 300 (discussed HERE ) and be properly displayed. Pictures and words/quotes are considered proper sigs. Again, winners to be chosen on December 24, 2011!!! ALL items must be present in post!! Any member caught posting with multiple accounts will be disqualified from this giveaway and may risk being disqualified from all future giveaways! Please play fair! - Absolute Dog Good Luck to all!!!!
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