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  1. That may well be but if Halo 6 for the PC comes out and you cannot kick or ban user's ":IN GAME" and has no auto team balancing as a PC ONLY user there will be no way in hell I would buy this game as some other PC users and I have expressed to each other. I have no issues kicking and banning a-holes off my Battlefield 1 server. Just wish 343I had these options in Halo 5 Forge did like Halo Combat Evolved, Halo 2 and Halo 3 did. I can always host my Eldewrito Halo Online server if I need a good halo fix and kick a-holes off the server. O'well there is not that many people playing the game that much anymore anyways and that sucks!
  2. hehehe your funny. I have been hosting PC game since 1998. Halo 5 Forge "DOES NOT" have a dedicated server. It's a wanna be P2P system. You cannot kick or ban people, Can't rotate maps, No auto team balancing, no RCON software, No map voting, no voting to kick people and No welcome screen just to name a few things. And yes I have a server just for Halo 5 Forge for PC only with a static IP. To quote"I wouldn't be too comfortable giving complete control or access to banning or kicking to a raging millenium." Your kidding me right? You don't want to be able to kick or ban people "IN GAME" that say racists remarks to people and also create hate and discontent?. "REALLY?" I have never hosted a game server in all the years that did not have rcon and or admin console commands in my servers EVER! LOL. ( except for Halo Forge 5 PC ) I would never buy a game or rent a game server that did not have any admin console commands in the game. I will not tolerate people that speak racists remarks to people and also create hate and discontent on my server's and never will period! Nobody should have to put up with that crap. You might but I sure in the hell I won't. End Of Discussion. Have a nice day bud
  3. Are you on DRUGS???? I'm Running a custom game of BloodGulch right now on my Halo 5 Forge For PC server Right Now! Obviously you don't know what the sam hell your talking about!! ROFLMFAO!!!! I love it when people post stuff they no nothing about. Just shows how ignorant some people are.
  4. With all the years since 1998 of hosting PC games I have only kicked people that have created hate and discontent and for racists remarks. The only time I have banned people is for racists remarks and or continually creating hate and discontent on my servers. I will not tolerate racists remarks or creating hate and discontent on my servers period!. Kicking people off my servers is just a warning! If they do it again I ban their arse off my server's and never get unbaned. People should not have to deal with that crap at all PERIOD! They can go say racists remarks and create hate and discontent on somebody's else's server but not on my server's. If people don't like the way I run my server's they can go someplace to play the game. I won't put up with on my server's! I wonder who the genius at 343I thought is was a good Idea to kick people in the lobby only and not "IN GAME?" ( must of been a person with "NO" PC game hosting experience roflmao )
  5. I would be surprised if 343I would post anything on that website considering they do "NOT" reply to support questions.
  6. Are there going to be updates to Halo Forge For PC? If so I would like to know what 343I is going to fix. If not I see no reason to continue to support this game with so many issues. Not that many people are hosting or even playing the game anywayz. Bummer Just curious.
  7. 343I has to give people the ability to kick people "IN GAME!!!" you have these morons like "Enigma Force IV" using racists remarks and creating hate and discontent on the server. By the time time you shut the server down "A FULL SERVER" to kick the morons off the server the morons leave before you can kick them off the server. Then after you have restarted the game they come back and start using racists remarks and creating hate and discontent on the server It gets to the point you don't want to host a Halo 5 Forge For PC server. This is ridiculous not to be able to kick user's "IN GAME!!!!"I wonder who the genius was that thought it was a good Idea to shut down a full server just to kick one moron off the server. Unfreakin believable!!!! Side Note: I'd rather "BAN" morons that are using racists remarks and creating hate and discontent on the server!!!
  8. I would not worry about it. 343I does not reply to questions on that site. Don't Believe me? Go to the support section. You won't see any replies from 343I. So what would be the point? Good Luck!
  9. Hardly anybody is playing Halo 5 For The PC anymore. How Come? Just Curious
  10. WANNA BET? I have been hosting PC game server's since 1998 1. Tribes 2. Tribes 2 3. Tribes Vengeance 4, The Unreal Tournament Franchise 5. Halo Combat Evolved 6. The Orange Box 7. Half-Life 2 8. Half-Life 2: Episode Two 9, Team Fortress 2 10 The Battlefield Franchise 11. The Call of Duty Franchise 12. Quake 1 Thru Quake 3 Well that is just a few of them. I can name a hell of a lot more if you wish! I suggest you check your facts!
  11. Continually getting profile sync errors. This is getting old real quick. I have just rebooted my rig 5 times and I still get that error. I'm not going to keep redoing my settings every time you guys can't keep our profile settings linked together. That would be stupid! Suggestion for fix: 1. Let us have all the configs files on our local machine. 2. When you have a 16 ppl in the lobby it takes too long to boot the maps up off that Azure Cloud Server. So please let us have our custom maps and prefabs on our local machine so we can boot the game up faster! Just my 2 cents!
  12. Why do you guys think why hardly anybody is hosting Halo 5 forge for the PC? just curious
  13. We need to have a "OPTION" In Custom Games Area for Halo 5 Forge for the PC. We need to have a auto team balancing system to help teams to be fair. As it sets right now there is no way to balance teams and have a fair game. You cannot kick people in game to help balance teams. Now some people may frown on this type of system that is why it should be an option for the admin / host. Quite a few games have this system in their games. Here are just two examples: 1. The Unreal Tournament Franchise. 2. The Battlefield Franchise. I setup my server for 25 rounds and 30 mins. per round. Why? because we do not have any map rotation system in this game. Most online game have a map rotation system and I don't have time to babysit this game. Halo Combat Evolved had a map rotation and I am very surprised to see there is not one in Halo 5 Forge for PC. It does not make sense to me at all. Halo Combat Evolved came out in 2001. It's hard to believe that this game does not have a dedicated server at all for last 16 years since it was released. IMHO if the basics of Halo Combat Evolved dedicated server is not iimplemented in this game I really don't think that this version of Halo 5 Forge for the PC or if there is a Halo 6 for the PC will succeed in the PC gaming community. Just my two cents to make a fair game for everyone.
  14. Halo 5 For PC needs to be setup like Halo Combat Evolved! PERIOD! Bungie got it right the first time!
  15. We have that PROFILE SYNC ERROR AGAIN!!!! at the time of this post. This is getting old real quick! Second time in two days. IMHO all the config files and profiles should be save to our local drive to eliminate this issue. just 2 cent cents. Jeezzzzzzz
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