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  1. looks awesome, especially the last picture
  2. maybe i must do more research, but you also must find out what i want to say, it IS possible to add AI, and especially when you can edit the code like 343i can do, so i mean that it is fully possible in halo 5 and easy to do, if hackers with limited amount of resources can do it, then 343i with all researches can do it too in no time
  3. well, they didnt take 7 years to make it, only a few months, after that, they used a modified x-box, not a computer, i think this is very possible in halo 5
  4. ehm, no? it was on a modified xbox and you also need computers to program halo :/
  5. GUYS I FOUND THE SOLUTION TO STOP PPL SAYING THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE, SEARCH THIS ON YOUTUBE: halo 3 - AI playground - spawning AI in forge then take the one from gamercheat13 see? it IS possible to add AI, some can even drive vehicles, I know that the ai isn't moving until they see an enemy, but I'm still ok with that, if they can add something like this in halo 5 then I'll freak out and go to 343i to hug them all : 3
  6. ok but that wasnt what i wanted to say, the only real thing i wanted to add is ai, maybe some new terrain props but i didnt want that much terrain (i would still like it ;D), this post was more for making missions and ai
  7. thx, but with the forge maps, look at halo 2 anniversary, there are 3 completely empty forge worlds so you can make some cool maps in it lol, shouldnt you add a text to it, or were you just quoting it?
  8. halo 5 has a brand new engine, maybe that engine has that ability yeah, i know that the editors of halo ce and halo 2 pc are way more complicated, but if you can see what far cry 4 can do, why not in halo? far cry 4 is also on consoles
  9. Maybe it wouldn't happen, but if it happens, then I'll race to the store to buy a xbox one ;D
  10. Indeed, or we'll start a new game which will be halo custom edition remake and the whole community on this forum can help , then it would be finished in no time xD
  11. yeah, i think that it would be amazing too ;D maybe its hard becuase of all those ai stuff, but it should be possible, just look at far cry
  12. that's just too bad that they dont want to do that, halo would be much cooler that way ;D
  13. i know this is a fanbase, so i asked if anyone thought it was a gread idea, not if its possible to do it ;D
  14. Hey guys, I've been thinking, why not adding halo custom edition to the xbox one? I know that it's impossible to make code on the xbox, so why not making it possible for cross-platforming so you can make the maps on the computer and all the tags, and after that you can set it in a library which is attainable with xbox live. Of course there must be a few things what should be upgraded: 1. better graphics, you can't make every possible BSP or model in custom edition, so it must be able to have better 3d models, after that it must be better with light engine and so on. 2. online ai, in custom edition it's impossible to make co-op maps because AI players aren't at the same location on everybody's game. 3. Online play through xbox live, this is logical 4. maybe an easyer terrain editor, that would be awesome too ;D 5. last but not least, no deprovement in tags like the halo 2 map editor, the halo 2 map editor was bull**** after the advance tags were got rid of :/ Good idea? tell me if you think that it is
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