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  1. Wow,you're all rich.I've got nothing
  2. What are you talking about,editing (nvm I got it now) ??? This is pure beauty if you ask me! They're perfect!Oh God cannot wait to take my hands on Halo 2 again.But this time on Xbox 360 Good job mate! Btw at the end of your post,place where signatures are,you have Report and Edit options left to Multiquote and Quote options. Yeah you're right even if it's custom made it's amazing.CMT is doing good job to make PC little better with Halo,also there are upcoming MP projects and more.About music,reason why you recognized that is because of Autobots Reunite and it fits nice with this Halo video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=95S1vfq9QnI
  3. Oh ye mate,nothing can ever beat classics,they were and still are: Halo Combat Evolved,Halo 2 & Halo 3
  4. Last night I played Halo 3 MP.Luckily I was always an Elite Sure thing Elites will get implemented into Halo 5 Multiplayer.
  5. 343i released MCC because of good reason.It's because they wanted Master Chief story on latest Xbox console as well,but with few changes -- > Halo CEA HD,Halo 2 Anniversary,Halo 3 HD and Halo 4 HD all of them with next FPS step - 60 frames per second! What they didn't wanted,but unfortunately they expected that,are problems with MCC.343i is trying as much as they can to fix that.While they're working on improving MCC,Halo 3: ODST and remastered Halo 2 map Relic are coming as well.Also I believe Halo: Reach and Halo Wars together with Halo Wars 2 are on their way and coming in near future.Now I'm asking mikeshalo,what makes people like you so unsatisfied and mad because MCC release wasn't as perfect as milky way at start launch?!
  6. Yeah man,nostalgic feeling in your heart.Same here buddy.Btw PC is something special,even if we cannot play later games (after Halo 2) we find some good ways to keep our love for Halo game.Also don't forget about CMT's remastered Halo Combat Evolved.I'm going to off-topic just a bit and put trailer about that here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_TQSGzR95xU Long live PC Halo Nation! P.S. I know how it feels watching Halo games on youtube while you cannot play them because you don't have Xbox console.But that has been changed for me forever.I'm an Xbox 360 owner now for a month and few weeks.
  7. That was exactly what I told them many times but they are not listening.Deaf haters.Whatever 343 Industries do they will hate on
  8. Who is paying you to post all these nonsenses?How much is your wage,10 bucks?Oh come on man give me your transaction number and I will send you 20 bucks over. Just stop doing that,it's stupid and untruth.
  9. Wow I didn't even know Lizard Squad can actually do all that O.o Btw I thought they are a community clan,wtf :/
  10. The Pirate Bay is aliiiiveee and it's now back stronger than ever!
  11. I cannot believe this is the first time I agree with you.Good answer and you are 100% correct.
  12. It is nothing bad or wrong that you're saying,but trust me I would like that too.You need to know there are rules made by Microsoft and they must be followed.You just need to handle that,it was yours or brother's mistake.Forget it,don't feel bad and go on.Don't stop playing Halo because of that.Here is an example,I bought 2 Halo games once and when I tried them I found out those games were heavily damaged and broken.Guess what?I returned them and bought new Halo games.Don't make a reason to stop playing something you love,because there isn't any.Microsoft is skimpy I know but we cannot do anything about that.I wish you best of luck while searching for a solution.
  13. Don't get me wrong,but if your brother can have 3 Xbox One consoles then I'm sure he can buy you new disc,digital copy or whatever you need.I really would like to help you by searching for solution if it was something else.Btw it's confusing why Microsoft sent you here (if that is true).This is just Community Forum and we cannot do any changes on your account or console.If Microsoft cannot do that then nobody can't.Like I said,I suggest you to ask your brother if he can buy you another disc.That is only solution which can solve your problem.It's nothing compared to 3 Xbox One consoles price.Take care and good luck.
  14. It may sound rude but I want it just to be Halo.I don't want it to be Call Of Duty AW or Titanfall.
  15. So that is what was all about,you don't like Arbiter I see. I'm just curious why didn't you said that much earlier instead of complicating this discussion?
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