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  1. Thanks but not sure why they sent me here either. I cant believe there isn't a fix for this. Its a simple as saying hey , move the code from this gamertag to that. My Brother is 16 and well it is not just his consoles but the games are all bought for him here while I am in College and I prefer and have the disc anyway. Where it becomes a problem is when our dad gets a family room console when the price goes down and a workout room console if things go the way they went with the 360 but if I have is code, then it really screws them up for adding his game to later consoles and I personally don't have $60 to waste when I already spent my own 60 and he got the family a code & console for my bro for Christmas which is intended for the "Family" consoles at a later date but now that's f'ed. Well thanks for responding. I think I'll just give him my disc and stop playing Halo because I cant be the only one that has done this as we were both logged into the console at the same time. If they cant fix stuff like this, they should make sure everyone is signed out of the console except 1 person, before a code is entered. Someone should replay that to anyone that can make that happen because this is annoying that I cant give ownership back to the rightful owner when its less than 24 hours since it happened. Merry Christmas all, none of my aggravation is towards any of you. Cheers
  2. Hi. I was wondering if you could help me? I don't know if you can directly help me or if you can put me in contact with someone at 343 that can but I tried Microsoft and they sent me here. My problem is my brother and I were both logged on to His Xbox one when we went to put in his code for Halo the MCC. Problem is it put me as ownership of his game. I need to give ownership back to him somehow because eventually he will have 2 maybe 3 consoles and he needs to be able to download them as he should. This was a mistake and I don't want to shell out $60 when I already have the disc myself back at my dorm. Can you help me? Thanks for any and all help
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