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  1. Yoshi, none of your points are relative. I don't care how much they've fixed it, it was released in a horrible condition and is still in one. They knew what they were getting themselves into by trying this. So make it right. Second Im not playing snipers in custom? Who the heck does that. It's all about matchmaking playlists. Halo 3 had the best ranked playlists ever. Third, halo 4 May have been "not bad" but it certainly was the worst halo game which required so much less skill for kills.
  2. Your halo 3 stats also don't even go towards your career which is just bad
  3. This game is the most buggy, glitchy, slow game I have ever played. Nothing about this experience is enjoyable. Each upgrade ruins another thing. How could you release a game that is this horrible and unfinished? It does the halo series no justice. Step it up because honestly I don't know how you could release this game and think it was good. There are so many easily noticeable errors. I have played this game for less than a week and I have found more errors than in any other game. Your company is a joke and this is pathetic. If you wanted to create and amazing experience that really brought everything together in a smooth and fun way you could not have screwed up more. You say you are working hard but it does not show at all. Take the servers down and get to work. Also, the popular playlists of team doubles/snipers wouldn't hurt anybody. And add more halo 3, everything is trying to be too much like your halo 4 game which was easily the worst one.
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