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  1. Now this may not be realistic but its an idea when forgeworld came out we all got excited then 4 months later some of us wanted it to be a lot bigger so me and my buddies came up with having an entire world plus space to forge in with a massive or no budget. so having like a teleporter that can transfer you to space then build anything you want up there like say having carriers, frigates, space stations, seraphs, longswords, and even drop pods to deploy to the ground we can also add transports to go down to the surface and unload troops and vehicles. now this would be awesome and it should be called forge universe
  2. Srsly, some of these things are just crazy insane. We don't really need frigate's/longswords/seraphs/carriers/corvette's. They are too huge and would serve no purpose. I mean seriously, what would you do with one? They would all have to be automatically scripted with all the hallways and everything, and they would be too huge for anything. Seraphs/longswords are pointless. Just use a banshee/falcon/hornet. I have seen a longsword/seraph before in custom edition i can see those 2 to serve as support vehicles plus it would b fun to fly around but you are right about frigates,corvettes,and carriers those would lag the game entirely
  3. timberland looks awesome its from halo custom edition
  4. the sparrow looks like the Hawk in halo wars
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