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  1. Yeah... Ultimately it added very little to the story with the only positive aspects being learning a bit more on how the Composer works and setting up grounds for the Ark theory.
  2. Andycu5


    If anyone knows me from Waypoint or the Halo Archive, I believe that I've built up a reputation (not a bad one) on both of those sites. However, for people that are just now learning of my existence, I shall introduce myself. Common Internet Names: On the Halo Archive, I go by the name of Andycus — the proper pronunciation of my current name here. However, on anywhere that's not the Archive, I go by Andycu5 simply because of how Andycu5 is my gamertag and I often find that having a 5 instead of an "s" makes the appearance of the name look better. Originating From: As I previously said, I come to this realm from Halo Waypoint and the Halo Archive. Other Information: Aside from being a Spartan on Waypoint and a sub-admin on the Archive, I am many other things. Being a writer of both Halo fan fiction and my own fiction set in my own universes, and an avid composer of music, I am currently pursuing a career in both writing and composing and ultimately working towards an eventuality in which I am either a writer for 343i, or an in-house composer for a video game studio.
  3. Although I'd like to see Chief die by the end of the Reclaimer Saga, I don't want it to be some cliched a stereotypical death where he sacrifices his life to save the galaxy. Instead, I want Chief's death to doom the galaxy. I want Chief and his grief from his inability to save Cortana to play a rather large (pivotal) role in the return of the Flood. Specifically, I'm imagining an eventuality where a Gravemind stowed within a Flood Containment Facility manipulates Chief into releasing it by sending him hallucinations of Cortana that delude him into believing that she's still alive and thus compelling him to leave the UNSC in order to find her. And when Chief does reach where "Cortana" tells him to go, not only does he find that the messages from Cortana were actually from a Gravemind, but the button that he just pressed to recover her is actually a button to release the Gravemind from containment. Chief is assimilated and the Flood escapes from the facility shortly thereafter.
  4. I want... 1. Unique weapons that aren't reskins of each other. 2. The Revenant and the Hornet. 3. Forge additions ranging from the ability to multi-select objects and manipulate them as if they were one, undo history, nav-mesh manipulation (this would allow functional AI on Forged maps), and being able to change the preview image of the map. 4. Ranked/social split 5. Less linearity in the campaign levels. 6. Tom and Lucy. Now more than ever given that Team Sabre was killed off by Catalog. 7. The Lesser Ark and Mendicant Bias 8. Blue Team I don't want... 1. Dual wielding 2. Complete disregard of the expanded media 3. Characters being killed off for the sake of shock value rather than having meaningful deaths. 4. Jul's alliance with Halsey ending with Halsey killing Jul or Jul killing Halsey. 5. Mustache-twirling villains. 6. Infinity either crashing, being boarded, or taking significant damage. This has occurred in almost EVERY piece of media that it has been in and is getting extremely repetitive. 7. Bullet-sponges
  5. Perhaps I should have made it more clear that "50-way" is figurative rather than literal.
  6. Given that a fresh war with the Jiralhanae is imminent after the failed peace conferences on Ealen IV, and that the Sangheili are still plunged in a 50-way civil war composed of a ton of Covenant Remnant factions, I can't see Thel deciding to go out of his way to help Locke find Chief aside from a quick meeting between the two as opposed to continuing to work on uniting and defending his entire species.
  7. I had a theory on how the Flood might return in Halo 5 in the past involving Installation 07, the UNSC Infinity, and the Janus Key, but it was debunked when a forum ARG on Waypoint named "Catalog" stated that Installation 07 had been discovered and presumably glassed by Sangheili in 2557/2558. However, even if untrue, I'm still going to share it. The theory may be untrue now that we know that 07 is no longer a threat, but it's still fun to imagine.
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