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  1. If you removed the drop pods and Spartan armor, and made all suits marines, than maybe, just maybe.. this could have happened. Making suits similar to a set of Mjolnir armor just by the looks would be extremly expensive. And drop pods really, what should they have been droped from, a plane? the cieling? Doing that every match would also cost much. And how would this whole thing work? Because if this Halo simulation were to survive it would have to cost for the players. This would be so expensive that only rich people could afford it, and not normal high class people, but people with really much money to spend on entertaining. And for protection, the players would have to wear helmets, of some kind. If these were costum helmets to the playground, they would get really sweaty and smell really bad after some months. Cleaning them would not be an easy task because if they were to cover the whole head like they do in the Halo series, the helmets would need some kind of soft tissue inside to keep them comfterable and safe to wear. If people had to bring helmets, it would ruin the whole illusion of being in the halo universe.Wich I suppose was the purpose of these paintball battlegrounds you hope to make. So in order to make this possible you would have to lower your ambition a little, full spartan-look suits for 2 teams of 4 would cost to much to become a reality for average people.
  2. Can I haz an place at thess list pls :L
  3. I`m 14 and live in norway, I like games, thinking, and I kind of enjoy maths sometimes I train MMA, Krav Maga and strength, and I would be doing parkour if my city where a little bit more urban and climb-able. I am planning to join the FSK when I turn 19, and to work with security in the mean time if I fail the first time to join in. When listening to music I prefer Orchestreal, rock, metall, soundtracks, rap, house, and ONE dubstep song
  4. Here you go :3 A flat punch to the adams apple, break neck, or cut the pulse under the chin.(if he has to much fat tissue, elbow the side of the head) If he/she covers the head with a good guard, go for the knee-cap or the groin. Lov kicks from the side will also do well. If your opponent is down, you can break the neck with your elbow. There is a weak spot on the side of the ribs under the arms, your elbow or knee belong here. If you get him into a lock, arms break increadibly easy, but dont try this unless you are to arrest someone or have a good amount of muscles(You probalby dont know so much of thecniques since you are asking this, so dont try to lock someone you dont know the strength of)
  5. A close combat odst, someone that I actually can become like wihtout pumping half my body full of steroids and go trough 10 years of training. I would ask him to teach me theqniques and tactics at close range both in hand to hand and armed situations.
  6. It could work in some parts of the campaigns in the larger battlefields, so if you sent your troops a certain place to do do their job, you would have to live out the consequences later from an units perspective. For example if you where to defend a small reenforcement base and you got information that the enemy was coming at you from both north, east and west and you only had reenforment to battle in two of the sections. You could choose which reenforcements you would send where and what weapons and equipment you would be giving them, and later on you would have to escape from your base manually and the only way that was not completly destroyed or taken over was the way you chose not to defend. And then you have to fight your way trough both the aliens and whatever the place may be hiding with the equipment and weapons you left from the first attack. Mark: you could send your units out with only the decent weapons and no equipment at all, but it would result that you would have to live trough two striking forces of aliens with the amount of units you left in you base and the equipment/weapons you did not use. (I where now refering to an certain part of a campaign that would be in the later games where you are placed on a jungle planet with limited equipment, to search for one of the libraries the first generation of humans left behing. ) This may not be what you where asking for , but its the best way to stategy in the campaigns without changing the story to much. +The campaign will have set characters and is not an rpg. And if you want to know more about the story, just comment on what you want to know
  7. 1. Sorry, I cant speak spanish 2. I am not going to make the game my self, I kind of just posted it here to see if my ideas where good and maybe spread the ideas to the internet so maybe... one day.. I could see this game IRL 3.The campaign in the games will be mostly FPS, and a little strategy in some of the Coop parts. 4.The story is the most important thing in the series, it should only be sat under fun/replayability 5.Please dont worry that I speak about the subjetc as something that is going to happen, it makes it much easier to write Thanks for reading
  8. Actually, people complain that the xboxs controls are not prezise enough and that pc is better for FPS, and I have extremly much information about this down to each unit, character, and vehicle(exept for some) I just dont know where to start. But if you have any ideas that you think would fit please comment
  9. With strategy, I did not mean that the game would be like normal strategy games, I meant that there will be both strategy and fps involved. The strategists will play an equal role as the players down on the ground/space, the strategists will both give orders to players and the AI that has been placed out by the captain.
  10. I am not good at drawing and is absoluteley incapable of making a game my self, I just want to bring out the idea. But about more info.. what do you want to know?
  11. So I have this idea for a game series that I really want to be produced... I do not want to earn money of this I just want it to be made the right way and tell the story I want to tell(with my name on it) -Before you keep reading: I am not an english person, and my grammar may not be perfect so try to look over that. Here is some over-all details if you want to continue reading: -The series is for pc, or else it wont be able to handle the last game -It is an FPS/strategy for most games, it would also include a complex CQ system -It takes place in a sci fi universe -The series will finish off with a FPS/RTS/MMO/RPG-game I will focus mainly on the last game in this post since this may be the thing you want to read most about... -The game will be placed on an Ancient alien Planet, made to test the alien species most efficient agents in various combat situations. -The playable factions will be the imperialists(humans) and an alien empire(with various species to choose from) -The teams will be 300(humans) VS 500(aliens) the balance will be explained later -Each side will have their own classes and weapons that will be unlocked by ranking up -The playable area on the planet will be on an island, that is parted up in several combat ereas with landskapes between them -The island will contain everything from the 22th centuries city ereas to deep jungles, caves, and high mountains-space will also be a playable area- Team balance: The aliens common units wil be both stronger, have better shielding, and have more in numbers and will cost less credits to spawn. The imperialist space marine units will have faster close combat strikes, more presize weaponry, and tactical advantage because of the human strategy system: There will be infinite ranks, with 45-50 of them to unlock things, when the player reaches the rank of 10, they will unlock the tactical rank system, where ranks are awarded with number of sucsessfull missions you lead your squad/team/force into. When playing as a tactician you will be placed in the body of a weaker and less shielded human, you will then spend most of your time (pfysically) in a base or ship, giving orders to the units you command. The start weapon you will have is a low ammo but strong ballistic pistol that kills with 4 headshots on an common alien soldier(150 shielding 50 health, 50 damage pr headshot, 30 damage for body) The point of the tactician system is to set up Numbers VS Tacticcal advantage, so if the humans all go alone, they will stand no chance. This will be one of the ways to focus on teamwork. Rank system for imperialists: 1-Standard marine and medics avaliable 5-Engineers avaliable 10-Tactical rank system awarded 15-Shock trooper unit and combat assistance unit avaliable 20-AAC UNITS(adaptive arial commando) avaliable 25-Spec-Ops units avaliable 30-Sabotage units avaliable 35-Royal guards avalable 40-H.A.S agents(hostile alien situations) avaliable 50-E.S.F(elite special force) unloced The two last will cost x4 times their rank, to balance with their power Strategist rank system: 10-Mission strategist - Can controll teams and squads from 1-19 20-Field Strategist - Can controll some vehicles and spawn them at own cost 30-Combat strategist - Can controll some vehicles/units and spawn common units at own cost 40-Commander - Can spawn units up to level 30, vehicles, and controll teams and squads from 1-50(spawning at own cost) -Highest rank on ship- Captain - Can spawn all units exept H.A.S and E.S.F units, vehicles, and controll own ship and Royal guards, (spawning at own cost) -Highest rank on the field(for imperialists)- General - Can controll R.Gs, H.A.S and E.S.F units, can spawn bases, generators, vehicles, and all units at own cost Basic strategic info: -Startegist will earn credits they can spawn units and such with by making their squad suceed in missions, the general can earn exstra by placing generators in ereas -Strategists will carry a weak shield incase of boarding of their ship, their health will be 50-shield and 25 health -When giving missions to player(s), the strategists will be given a mission-creator, a simple tool where you choose the goals and targets for missions and what to do with them, the credit given to strategs and units will be based on how hard the mission is. The missions will be presented to the units in the same way the Delta force missions in MW3 are presented(I know most of you hate it but it was one of the best ways ive seen to show an upcomming mission) The aliens will have an unit in command in each squad, this leader will be the one to give orders(from the ground) If you want to know more about some of the units please comment, alien units will come later. I will update for more tomorrow
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