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  1. I can't say I agree with what you're saying because modders in general harmless people looking for fun and not effecting anyone, and you can't really do anything about cheaters until you see them cheat(or hack into the codes) and ban them. It's a reactive sort of justice that can't be done instantly. If someone is determined enough they can hack anything no matter how much the developers plan ahead.
  2. Camper

    Lol Allies

    A funny little game when both my teammates killed each other and I had to win the game alone. It wasn't much of a problem because it was oranges first game, but I thought it was funny that my allies killed themselves. The sad part was that they were both Generals. Link to the match: http://www.halowars....07-000000000000
  3. Not really, 6 flamers could take them out easy.
  4. Camper

    Hate Rushing?

    Rushing is a strategy and a very legitimate one at that. The problem isn't rushing it's that noobs see harassment as rushing and get mad at you for killing their supply pads with your 5 warthogs. Thus making you a cheater and a noob for punishing them because they didn't build any units to defend.
  5. I think they don't want people hitting max rank anytime soon.
  6. If you want to win you got to harass. You can't just wait till you hit max population then attack because any good player would have already killed you by then. Here are some tips for UNSC: As UNSC never EVER go air! Only build power turret tanks or gauss hogs. If you see two covenant players on the other team and they're not both the arbiter go gauss hogs. If they are both arbiter go PT tanks(Don't research grizzlies their special ability is worse, and they do less damage.). If you see a prophet on the other team always go gauss because it will make his leader and units useless. Tips as Covenant: As soon as you're leader spawns go to the enemy Covenant base,(If there is one.), and start attacking it. Port in some units(Brute Squads/Suicide Grunts) to keep down any warehouses or summits. You should target summits before warehouses if you can. I would not recommend using the prophet because he is the worst leader in most situations. Go banshee's and if the enemy covenant player starts to go air transition into vampires. If there isn't a covenant player on the other team don't send your leader over to their bases and just go banshee's.
  7. No game is perfect when released. There will always be bugs when a game comes out and they will take time to fix. Also give 343 a chance it's only been one day since the game has been out and you're already whining...
  8. Restart your console and try again. If that doesn't work then re-install it.
  9. Hello Goat, hopefully you and your family have a good halo experience.
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