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  1. i am having the same problem as well =( sure hope they fix this!
  2. So i have completed the campaign on lengendary solo and have unlocked all of the acheivments and all but 1 commendations, when i go to my commendations for campaign it says i have not completed infinity, yet i have... i checked on halo waypoint and it says i have the commendation but in game it says i dont. I have replayed and beat the mission 2 more times and still wont unlock. Without it i cannot unlock my mark V armour... Is there anyway to fix this??
  3. how about i cant gain exp and keep getting reset back to lvl 1 even tho it says im lvl 8 when i press start, also my load out get reset
  4. im having the same problems, ive reinstalled the game, turned my xbox on and off, nothing works it sucks
  5. So every game my load outs get reset and i dont gain any exp. in lobby it says im lvl 1 again as well, anyone know how to fix this? i tried re installing disc 2 but im still having the same problems
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