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  1. So I just beat the campaign on heroic last night. I was a little confused about the ending, when Cortana died. How did she actually save Master Chief? It just showed them inside of a data field after he set off the nuke, did she create a shield around him or something?
  2. Yeah I think it would be a little embarrassing to actually be able to ride one around lol, I just thought it would be something funny as a mod perhaps.
  3. I'm guessing that the pre-order skins will be offered as a DLC after launch, "pre-order specials" seem to always work out like that.
  4. Or possibly add it as a finishing move after you've already worked it over the ol' fashioned way? I know that they've added assassination moves to Halo 4 already so that wouldn't be too far fetched. On another note, I think it would be hilarious to be able to ride the hunters around like horses, leaving squished grunts and jackals in your wake.
  5. Strange to think about! I'm guessing the recruits at the academy are young as well though, they can't be over 21 by the looks of them.
  6. That's sad to hear, I haven't heard of this before now. Does anyone know if you can still host and play games over that other service? I can't remember the name, but you used to be able to run a program on your PC which would enable you to play Halo 2 and other original Xbox games on servers other than the ones XBL provided.
  7. Wait so no one can play Halo 2 online anymore? That makes me want to cry lol, I haven't picked it up in years but I always thought it'd be there in my time of need
  8. Hello everyone! I just finished the last episode of the FUD series, and the final moments were quite interesting to me. In the pelican on their way off of the planet, the SPARTAN soldiers (nix Master Chief of course,) remove their helmets to show very young faces. Now I read the first Halo novel but quite a few years ago. I do, however, seem to recall that the SPARTAN soldiers don't face the Covenant until a few years after their augmentation, and I remember their augmentation being around 15 or 16 years of age. Am I remembering wrong? I suppose it's possible that they weren't intentionally supposed to look young, I mean the main actors and actresses all look like they're still in grade school to me lol. How old are the SPARTAN soldiers supposed to be in this series?
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