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  1. Think in 6 years how many video games have been made. Some fails other beautiful like halo or pong.. So this is a timeline I'm making not much yet but I have you guys to help any game or historic mark gaming is allowed! - 1958 ( the first idea of a video game is created - 1972 (pong becomes the first public popular tile ever) - 1972 ( The Magnovx Odyssey is the first console ever made - 1983 (NES is released in Japan) -
  2. Acttauly the flood are still there grave mind from 2 and 3 where different grave minds. There pushed to the edge of the galaxy though now. Soon to starve... See you don't need The rings you need a gun! *meow*
  3. I have on key missing from key board my husbands cousin took it!
  4. This is a series where I feature mind blowing halo community members. Today is Duks Art Duks Art He is a wonderful artist who got so mad people that people said halo doesn't see the good side he made a mind blowing picture! He doesn't like halo but that doesn't matter! He's awesome! Here's finished products! Here's an explosion! Here is his humbleness The thing I Really like about him is he the fact he uses photoshop but never actaully photoshops! He's audio was messed up but there's a updated version where it's fixed and you cans get his painting! Trust me best 7 minutes ever spent my brother cried when I showed him this All pictures and is made by @Duks Abii and does no harm nor illegal details Sorry that was the best I could.. Go check him out!
  5. I meant for the if have had a baby kinda thing boys talk about clothes! He was just being silly about that
  6. One of these bmarks harrased my husband by uploading a fake sex vid of him!!!!!!! I'll report them!
  7. This mainly for the girls.. I'm having a baby due on Jan30th I don't what clothes for him to wear though. I was thinking spiderman course my husband said slenderman.. Also if you have lets talk about it never get to with my Husband he works SEARS So tell me any suggestions! *meow*
  8. Ok. Here's a list, I love doing list:P Isanmiac: Infection on Impact mostly Ducain23: Race on Ravine THFE: Mini game maps ravine+Impact Infection:Impact and erosion Invasion:Erosion and Ravine Competitive:All ( except for court) Mrpokephile: Infection:Impact or Erosion Invasion:Ravine+ Erosion And more listing... This my estimate/opion if you think otherwise of it then I will change it if you are correct.
  9. My name is hoop and I'm new Please tell me what to do.
  10. Here's Is a list of forge based channels! • THFE (the halo forge epidemic) • Isanmiac •Airsoftxx •Ducain23 ( race maps ) Now since I have seen up to screen not seen on YouTube footage of forge I will be answering common questions. Notice all answer are not leaked documents against or not be heard. They have shown all forge so far. 1. Can change pallets? No, that is also something 343 didn't need to add or have time to do. 2.How far can you out can you on ravine? To the islands? Quite far but not to the islands they do seem detailed though 3.Why is the budget 10,000 on real footage but at RTX is was a 100,000? At RTX halo 4 wasn't gold so it had a high budget, I was disappointed that they didn't change the budget but people did awesome on halo reach & 3 so we won't be disappointed. Post reply to other questions if you have any in mind. Note: none of this is leaked or illegal documents for you extremist. Lol
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