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  1. What are your official Sources? Where/when did Fank O'Connor say this? I don't remember this being on their website, interviews, or at the Microsoft Unvieling on May 21st.
  2. Well I must admit that I am not pleased with 343's decision on the "ranking system." They state that the "ranking system" is the SR on your Spartan which I believe is 1-130. However, I still want to know how that is a "ranking system?" What's it based on? It seems like it's based on the amount you play, not HOW YOU PLAY! With that in mind, I currently give Halo 4's online gaming a 7/10 which at college level is the miminum passing score. However, to help give them a thumb up. I give the Campaign a 10/10 therefore an average of 8.5/10 Never-the-less, I am really hoping for a major change in GB from Reach!
  3. Tell me what do you believe is a TRUE ranking system? If you say Halo 2 or 3 prepare to get laughed at A CR@P TON!
  4. does anyone know if the games from the original will be playable on this system? Such as lord of the rings third age.
  5. as much as I'd love to see a new xbox....it feels odd that the Largest solo system game is still fresh and they are releasing this information, if it's official that is....I mean Halo is Microsoft's Baby. Why would you just release a major product for it, and then less than 6 months later annouce a new system.
  6. The underlined italicized and bolded phrase has me concerned. Why you may ask? Simple, did 343 officially announce Halo 4's ranking system yet? The SR-# is NOT Spartan Rank! It's a Specialization not Spartan Rank! Therefore you're phrase is incorrect and therefore while we are in a leveling up system of sorts and a progressive system of sorts we currently do Not have a ranking system.
  7. Not starting anything, finishing it. And on to the other person. Do you understand how computer projects, projects in general, and computer programming enginerring science works?
  8. I thought for certain that Grifball would have been released with the first map pack....which will be December 10. Yet I see no news about it, does anyone know when it'll be released?
  9. Question, have you ever purchased any form of technology ever? Because of the rate of how technology is Always improving, anyone can easily argue that all forms of technology are only partially completed.
  10. First off what we currently have is NOT the ranking system. Where do you see that 343 industries states that this IS the new ranking system? Yes we "level up," but you are therefore determining that, that means that, that is indeed the ranking system when 343 industries has not yet released one. The last I heard of it from them was them stating that they are going through the process with very fine tooth comb and doing a great amoutn of tuning. Secondly, Halo 2 and 3 were NOT "perfect," far from it! Skill has very little to do with you winning or loosing a match. Such as in team variants, if your team is awful then no matter how "skilled" you are you WILL LOSE! Does that mean that you therefore have no skill? No it means it was a bad game and that is all. Skill is supposed to be about your ability to play in accordance with rules of the game type. If you go +50 in a objective game type but you had little to no score points then you honestly suck. Your in-ability to score or refusal to score shows your lack of both intelligence and skill. Any one can throw grenades into a group of people and get kills. It takes guts to run in there and attempt the objective.
  11. Lol and yet so many people claim that it's multiplayer was the best of them all. I wonder if that's because the knew of the exploits and well....exploited them.
  12. If you honestly wanna go with Technicalities then may I remind you that despite 343i's best efforts Halo CE Anniversary was Not exactly like the original. Therefore why should the matchmaking be exactly like the original when the majority of the maps aren't even from the original game.
  13. Halo 2 did NOT have the perfect ranking system! If you want to argue other wise I say give me Hard Core Evidence!
  14. Part of the problem is that many people see Skill being rather you win or lose. Yes you need Skill to win, but any online match can be manipulated to where it allows anyone to win. Therefore I am strongly against the idea of the skill system being strictly about wins and losses. It needs to utilize it, but it also needs to use how you perform in the match in accordance with the objective. If the objective is score a ball or flag and all you and your team has are kills then you won't get Anything from the game. However if the obective is to out kill the other team then it's fine to have a cr@p ton of kills. Keep in mind something, winning and losing isn't everything it's how you play the game. "I'd rather lose than win un-fairly," and yes if anyone ever meets me in a match I will put that statemen to the test.
  15. To everyone who keeps saying this was the best or this was the best. THERE IS NONE that is the best. Those who played Halo 2 stated that it was darn near imossible to get to the highest rank. And to say it should be based off of winning/versus losing is cr@p. That is becuase, you losing doens't mean you suck. It means you didn't win, that's all it meant! Until someone can show me a true ranking system that reflects how you play in accordance with rules and wins/loss I will NOT Agree!
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