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  1. IMPORTANT!! I have created a growing forum in Halo waypoints forums concerning the inclusion of BTB Objective. Its growing well. Focus your support their. It is not posted in the matchmaking threads, it is in to main thread area to draw more attention. If it gets removed, which I doubt, than i will post another in the correct area. KEEP UP THE SUPPORT! KEEP ON MOANING!
  2. Having a dual-wielding perk will be interesting but their is one big problems. 1) What weapons can you use? The game was not designed with dual-wielding type weapons. I doubt they will add new weapons to accomadate the perk. So what can you dual-wield? The default assault-rifle, Supressor etc. would be very over powered over close engagements unless the accuracy took a big hit. Its hard to even think what weapons could work, so it most likely could not work. (DUAL WIELDING PISTOLS!) Weapons in Halo 4 are not right for any sort of dual-wielding, unless you are speaking of just a secondary dual-wield, which may work but its just not worth the trouble.
  3. I honeslty had few problems with it before its nerf. I honestly believed it added some more depth to how you engage in close quarters, giving thruster pack and hardlight sheild extra reason to use. The Boltshot can be heard very clearly, and so can the light emminating from its tip. You just have to respond to this accordingly. Right before discharge just thrust out of the way, or pop hardlight sheild. If you see the other team is abusing it, start using hardlight. Yet, if your skill with thruster pack is enough, just play safe. The nerf will be great, no doubt. This nerf will definetley keep me feeling more snug when hearing that noise while rounding a corner. Just play smart and Boltshot becomes child play ( just like with everything else).
  4. My armour and loadouts reset... thats about it. Not really that big a deal but its something.
  5. Not to mention that it makes a very loud sound while charging (Thats the part where you back up xD). I for one dont use it because i just like the feeling of the magnum, but there is a funny counter for it. If you pop hardlight sheild and they fire the boltshot charged... the shot bounces off the shield. I have blocked so many boltshots with hardlight that if i notice a pattern in a match that is my armour ability of choice. Funny how there isnt one complainer yet on this post...
  6. I just got on Halo Reach and it says the servers are unavaliable at this time. Are they down because I can play other games just fine.
  7. Halo 4 should be an attempt to play and feel like halo 3, in terms of mulitplayer. Making maps from scratch is exactly what a strategic game like halo craves for by the system its built on and its fans. Now assuming that armour abilities are making a return, i suggest that you make them built in the spartan you choose pre game instead of a preload out choice every death. ALSO, if abilities do make a big presence in the game, keep the options of them low. That is to say, make the game feel new, but dont dissapoint those who are expecting their halo game to feel like halo 3, not Halo Reach. Mabey it will be possible to have simple armour abilities (sprint, jetpack, and maybe evade and some simple new one that maybe reduces explosive damage for 1 second upon activiating it) while on the other hand have the map equipmemt return from halo 3 creating a stronger reason for map controll than just getting powerful weapons. If the clan system Halo 2 was mixed with Halo 3 ranked system, this game would be closley resembling god himself. If Halo Reach had these things, I belive id still be playing it 24/7. Seeing as how Halo Reach did not incoporate ranking up with both exp and a highest level like in Halo 3, I found myself playing endless games with no real sense of competivtivness.(is that even a word?) Halo 4 should present itself as a fun games for those who want it to be fun, and challenging for those looking for more than just killing noobs in big team battle, or being obliterated by a full 8 party team of inheritors. Definitley think about bringing these to factors back into matchmaking. Im pretty sure the developmemt of the game is clear cut by now, but i am wishing that if anything you guys at 343i really take these aspects into consideration. Dont lose sight of what halo is supposed to be, but dont overdue a already amazing game (halo 3) into something that feels to diffrent from its predecessors. I would go into further detail on every aspect, but that would not be helpful because their are always diffrent opinions on specific game mechanics. Gl u guys, and... MASTER CHIEF BETTER NOT CRY NO MATTER HOW DEEP YOU GO INTO HIS HUMAN SIDE OF STORY TELLING. bye.
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