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  1. Just wanted to bump this up as I am still looking for a good clan.
  2. I tried to give Halo Reach another try on live but the only game type I liked on this was Grifball and that was plagued by tking morons, so I stopped playing even that.
  3. Well, My mother was drunk one time and told me I could be Ted Nugent's kid and not my dad's, so I guess him. Lul.
  4. Thanks for the info Destroya Also, you don't need your CD to play Halo CE PC anymore. Just download it and patch it else where, all you need is your CD key.
  5. Thank you. That's all I need to know. Looks like I'm getting hitched up with Halo 2.
  6. It's quite awesome. Also as far as I know they tried to work out doing a Halo movie and instead gave the director $ to do his own thing and District 9 was born. I haven't checked up any news since then so someone correct me, cause I'd like to know if theres still a possibility of a legit Halo movie.
  7. I'd consider pawning off my DS (no longer interests me except for POKEMONS) to go towards purchasing a Vita if this were true. Depends on other games too though.
  8. As would I, as would I... I just don't think they would. It's been almost 5 years since it's console release. Most people seem to think it won't happen either. Though, again, all we can is hope. I would treasure it forever too and never let it out of my computer <3
  9. I'm pretty well rounded for games. My core games are HaloCEPC, Starcraft, TeamFortress 2, Killing Floor, Left4Dead 1&2, Diablo II (and 3 when it's out), Minecraft, WoW, and Guildwars. Also have Borderlands but never played it. I'm open to all free games (everything is worth a try at least once) and even all paid games if their are people actively playing it in the group. Thanks for the extra set of eyes.
  10. I <3 chiming into Halo for PC threads. I have never have more fun gaming than I did playing Halo CE PC. I have never found a better clan community than the ones that existed back in the day with Halo PC. Our only hope that isn't blind at this point is here http://www.computerandvideogames.com/310296/halo-ce-anniversary-dev-pc-version-wouldnt-be-a-surprise/. It will be a glorious and happy day for all that is PC gaming if/when Halo returns to PC.
  11. Thanks for the input TwinReaper. Would you agree on his comment on how active it is though? I am on Windows 7 so no issues there. I know it's cheap but I pay for my school out of pocket and have little to spare. Any games I get usually come from selling off rpg's I've beaten @s3c Halo CE and Halo 2 are on PC. I can't speak for Halo 2 (obviously) but Halo CE for PC is great fun and worth a buy though it's far past its prime now. It was 20$ when I got it in 07 so I would expect it to be cheaper than that now.
  12. I'm browsing around for a new gaming clan and I'm kinda picky Preferrably PC based, as I don't game much on XBL. Sadly the current clan I am in has been dying out from inactivity so I'm seriously considering hopping to somewhere else even though I have a great affection for the one I'm in, they just arent around anymore and dont seem to care. I'm looking for something that meets close to these criteria -Active -Friendly respectful members -Has Forums -Has voice chat -Has some history/ been around for a bit -No overly strict rules ( I need to have the ability to let a swear or 5 slip) -Solid, serious leadership -Mature, as in not too many younger kids- preferrably 15+ Lastly I prefer somewhere that has standards in their recruitment so that it's quality above quantity members. I dont care how long this recruitment might be if the group is worth it, I will wait. For example, the current clan I am in which I have been around since 2007 I wasnt picked up as a member until 4 months after I applied so they could make sure I was a good fit. I'm not expecting any hits on this any time soon but If you think the clan you're in or you know of one that is a good fit to what I described please let me know by either a post or a pm. I play many games so check with me if you know of a clan that's based around a specific game too.
  13. I will never understand why people post Youtube vids that make themselves look like complete dumb asses. Is small internet fame worth that much?
  14. As long as it's true to the essence of Halo I'm all for it. Offtopic- Entering college doesn't mean you have to end your gaming career, you just have to work out a schedule that doesn't interfere with your gaming Sell used games on eBay. Buy ONLY used games on eBay. I have literally 105$ to spare after tuition (paid out of pocket) and still need it for gas money, and even I can still afford to be a gamer. Also, love your sig. I scream that everytime I bring home icecream from the store.
  15. I voted maybe. It's best to see where 5 and 6 leave off. If it wraps it up nicely, then they shouldn't beat it until it's a joke. In that case they should leave it be to have its special place in Games History. It's like Disney trying to force out a ToyStory 4+ to milk more $ when ToyStory 3 wrapped up everything so nicely to the series.. Lol. Sorry for the lame comparing. Also maybe because it'd be another small chance to get another Halo for PC. If THAT happened I'd be so happy I'd run dancing naked in the street.
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