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  1. doubt it would be released for mac cause its owned by apple but i don't get why microsoft won't allow a PC port if they still make all the money from it. that's just not good business sense but regardless as the holiday approaches hopefully news on PC port will be released.
  2. i just thought if they released halo 4 for the pc and instead of 720p (which is still HD) it was 4096p likes skyrim's hd texture pack oh imagine the fun and joy (plus console players probably wouldn't notice anyway and just say it looks better on the big screen, so they wouldn't complain) also in my opinion the whole "forerunner vision" concept sounds pretty gay to me maybe make it so you can use VISR instead (and let VISR outline holograms in like yellow or something). that or flash grenades that'd be nice to and i'd also like to see SPI armor designs playable
  3. i think anyone who could make these replies either doesn't understand or they refuse to care. what if none of you had computers and suddenly the xbox 360 failed and where unable to run halo however microsoft decides to port them all to PC then jack the price way up and none of you can afford them eventually (years later) they discover the source of the problem and SLOWLY port all of them back to xbox 360 but its so slow it seems to take forever then after porting only TWO they suddenly stop altogether and abandon the xbox 360. would you not try your hardest to get your halo back but the way you enjoy it most all of you need to stop being selfish and look at the bigger picture your not aware of last but not least a great big THANK YOU to all the other dedicated pc gamers thank you for all of your effort and i hope to see you in halo pc's online multiplayer to anyone interested in trying to further the cause i started a formal petition on another thread http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/5684-make-new-halo-titles-released-for-the-pc-and-360/page__fromsearch__1 please do not reply to my thread if you are not trying to get halo playable for the pc crowd
  4. i was just playing h2 for windows vista when i had an interesting thought. i had heard that the h2 vista online servers where taken down along with the xbox servers but i don't know if it's true since i got my copy in december last year and haven't been able to connect to GFWL multiplayer matches. however if that is true (which would explain a lot) then i had an idea "IF 343i owns all rights to the halo series games produced by bungie (along with microsoft) what if they proposed to have steam (online video game distribution) host online multiplayer matches. i'm sure they would be honored to host for the one of best multiplayer games in gaming history. again just an idea, don't go crazy or nothing [edit] no idea why but Wednesday when i started h2 vista up on my computer it allowed me to sign into windows live and i got to play some multiplayer (but i don't know the maps well so i didn't do too well although i didn't suck either) and i still hate the homing rocket launcher if any of you play i'm RoutineRex79389 (sorry if i don't do so well i'm new to halo 2 vista's multiplayer game style and the maps also apparently greg079 was already taken as a username so it gave me that one oh well hope i see you there also if chat is available plz tell me what button to press to use it (or if i need a mic)
  5. thank you for your support i hope you do indeed look further into the vast and beautiful realm of PC gaming also Dubness i doubt a Microsoft owned game would ever go to Sony
  6. i am a PC gamer all the way i got my love of halo on the console but not long after saw the light and became a PC gamer, however i soon noticed my favorite series only had TWO titles on the PC. i was horrified at the lack of halo that i found, then surprised to learn it was never originally meant for console but was to be a PC/MAC exclusive. i have high hopes that my favorite series now under new leadership can be successfully made once again on the PC. now i'm not saying don't make halo 4 for the 360 i merely would like to play it as well without giving the system i hold dear. i know there aren't as many PC gamers as there are console gamers but i would like to start a formal petition to have future titles released on the PC as well as console, but with a few new features 1 a multiplayer matchmaking almost identical to that of halo 2 2 easy to use map editor but with advanced features please 3 direct ip connection available 4 lastly i know its a lot of work but i'd be nice to have a legitimate PC version not just a port now i'm a realist so i know that all of that may not happen but just to have a PC version would make me ecstatic and i'm sure the rest of the PC community would very much love to play such an amazing series with their keyboard and mouse and to any PC gamers who may stumble across this, please leave a very formal and well thought out response or reply keeping in mind this is similar to a petition the more awareness and support we can get the more likely we are to succeed, but make new posts very respectful and very well thought-out as they will do more then a simple rude post which would likely anger 343 industries and make them decide not to consider a PC version. also feel free to leave suggestions but don't be disappointed your ideas are turned down keep in that mind making a great game is not easy. i hope all the other PC gamers who find this are willing to help the cause and add to this or related topics by leaving posts. remember more posts mean more attention and a better chance our cause will succeed.
  7. OMFG finally i couldn't agree more halo 2 was amazingful in every possible way and i was so depressed to learn that ALL the multiplayer was shut down i can't even use GFWM on my PC for the multiplayer i am so happy to have found this and i hope you can persuade the new halo team (343) to remake it but there are 2 things that should be changed 1 they should take out the homing on the launcher cause of all the no talent noobs that would win without any skill or effort (plus its frustrating) 2 it should be remade properly for the PC instead of just a port at the last minute and taking in to account for the better graphics and frame-rate and a legitimate connection to LIVE preferably one that meets with console players on XBOX LIVE that would be a big step ahead and a major improvment
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