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  1. I've played through the missions these play in and they're in there, all the unreleased tracks are in the game but not on the soundtrack, if they don't release a volume 2 (which is highly unlikely because if the wanted to, they would have done it by now), then these tracks are going to have to be found manually (which is close to impossible with cutscene tracks).
  2. In H2a's ost, we got alot of remastered songs, but there were also alot missing and i was wondering if anyone is able to get them. Songs that I noticed were missing right off the Soundtrack: 2nd part of Cortege (Sacred icon suite, plays during the cutscene where the arbiter is being deployed at the sentinel wall) along with the last 2 minutes 2nd part of Ghosts of Reach (Percussion) Unyielding Dust and Bones Finale Epilogue Along with some ambient tracks: One Way Ticket (Regret) Commons Area B1 7 (Cairo Station) Beyond Hope (Cairo Station) The Courtyard (Outskirts) Halo Theme Scarab Mix (Metropolis) The Heretic Flees (The Arbiter) Cable Tower Ascend (The Oracle) The Final Cable (The Oracle) Heretic (The Oracle) Trapped in a Postcard (Delta Halo) Helium Queen (Delta Halo) Submerged (Regret) Falling (Sacred Icon) Confused (Sacred Icon) Entering the Quarantine Zone (Sacred Icon) The Arena (Gravemind) Subsume (High Charity) Gravemind (High Charity) Destroyers Invocation Choir (Tartarus Boss Fight) If anyone can get these tracks, that would be amazing! Crossed out tracks are tracks that have been found and are on Youtube.
  3. The only problem i have is the amount of unreleased music in the soundtrack disks. I hope to god they do a Vol.2 like the original.
  4. Okay, First of all ground pound is useless. There now that that's out of the way, Halo 5 guardians MPB is surprisingly fun to play and i found myself playing it hours on end, but there is one problem, The game is NOT HALO. It does not feel like halo one bit. It should really go back to the original Halo 3 playstyle. (Friendly reminder: this is my opinion on the game) I like how they brought the original ranking system back and small features like that but its just not halo. I don't know if anyone feels the same way but the whole E-sports (Not that i don't like e-sports games because i really do Eg: CS:GO) But its really not the right direction. Halo has already lost alot of players and i would hate to see the franchise loose more. 343 said that they realized their mistakes from Halo 4 but really, I don't think so. Personally: i don't like change, that's mostly the reason im making this post but halo has been known for its genuine multiplayer but right now its drifting off that path. like, not even the assault rifle feels right anymore. that's not good. but anyways, this is just my perspective of what ive experienced from the beta, but i is still a beta, I get that things can still change and i really hope they do. I'm really glad this game didn't come out last year or that would've just been horrible. Now if you've gotten this far congrats, but most of you are probably thinking right now "Well why don't you just go play the older halo's?" well because no one really plays them anymore, sure the master chief collection is out but it just isn't the same. call me picky all you want but to me its the truth. i have nothing against 343i in any way, i love them but they just need to touch up their game a bit more.
  5. People say that halo cant go anywhere if it doesn't change but look at COD its been the same game for years and people still arnt losing interest, I think if halo sticks to its original halo 3 or maybe even halo reach roots, then it has the potential to become the best halo yet. -B3ta
  6. its an option not permanentley.you can switch at any time
  7. I have noticed in halo 3 that when you have a diffrent helmet other than mark4 or 6 or whatever , your HUD never changes(e.g= EVA helmet=mark 6 HUD). hopefully they will change that.If they add odst helmet in h4, it would have the halo 3 odst HUD.for the people that are commenting on helmets with small VISERS,WHEN U PLEHY halo then you see it from your spartans EYES not there FACE.You see from the eod eyes,For gungir or whatever its called its like a banshee and ghost, camera operated.
  8. if u watch the halo 4 first look then pause at 3:44 then u will see a power up on his lower body http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6UL63Zo-uo
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