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  1. I still dont agree with the way they've done the playlists you cant even choose the game mode ffs, you can just choose what games are in the playlist and how many people also why should we have to wait for the MP in a game we paid for as compared to a beta for a game that will try to trick people into buying the next broken game
  2. The way the ranking system works in Master Chief Collection just isnt going to work by the looks of it, I mean beside the fact only 1 playlist actually has ranking at the moment, there are no penalities for leaving the game or team killing especially in Halo CE and Halo 2 they need to sort this out or people will just continue not playing properly
  3. Same problem with Halo CE on MCC no penalty for team killing or quitting because of the ranking system or lack of
  4. Gotta love it focusing on the game that isnt even out yet and less on the game everyone has already paid for xD All the playlists dont even exist yet.....
  5. Pretty much every time I join a match if we ever start losing especially in breakout people just leave which makes the rest of the match pointless, 4 v 1 is just depressing and frankly peoples attitude in the beta suck and is ruining it
  6. Sup guys I play Xbox and Playstation aswell as Nintendo consoles pretty much everything not much of a PC gamer though, I first played Halo CE long ago back in 2001 but was pretty bad at it so I pretty much gave up playing it fast forward 6 years to 2007 I got the original Xbox 360 with a copy of Halo 3 and was actually good this is where my true Halo experience started it was also my first multiplayer experience online, since then iv'e been a fan of the Halo series although i wasn't too happy with Halo Reach or Halo 4 i'll make no secret of that so yeah thats me and my Halo experience in a nutshell
  7. Not a matchmaking problem but I had quite a severe issue in Halo 4 campaign as shown in this video Oh yeah and I have had matchmaking issues aswell, I joined a playlist yesterday everyone else joined we selected the map literally 5 second into the game everyone crashed into a wall and the game just ended, another time I joined a lobby the game loaded black screen appeared then immediately a game over screen appeared with nothing on it.....
  8. What else is there to say I dont think sprinting ever fitted into the Halo series, neither does armor/spartan abilities and being able to zoom in with all weapons ruins the range limit on certain weapons
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