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  1. So i tried to play some halo today. i haven't played it all summer and i wanted to play to get ready for halo 4. But i join a game and i lag/lost connection to the game before it starts. it just kicked me out of the lobby. I was wondering if anybody else has had this issue recently and if they know what is wrong?
  2. Halo CE found me waaaayyyyy after it was out. I got Halo CE from my friend in 2010, YEAH 2010. I've played Halo 3 with my friend for Years before i bothered playing the first 2 games. Now its all halo almost all the time
  3. Great vid, i love watching these it always gets me in the mood for halo
  4. First game all time: Mario Cart (N64) First PS2 game: Tony Hawk Pro skater 4 First Xbox game: Halo 3
  5. I think the problem with the Halo not being at events anymore is the Fans, if 50% of the Fans don't like Reach then the sponsors will say they don't like it (for money reasons)... If Reach was well liked throughout the community it would be a different story... Halo 4 better be good though i can't wait...
  6. I would probably have to go with the Package, The story behind why i like it is when i did LASO: package with my friend and 2 other people... after a while the 2 idiots rage quitted and it left me and my friend to complete it from scratch. It was one of my favorite Halo memories lol
  7. I've always wanted to try this but I've never had the time... now that schools out i guess ill play some campaign
  8. No at the last cut scene when you see the hanger of the Pillar of Autumn if you move your analog sticks to the right you can see MC in Cyro
  9. I really liked master chief at the end there on Pillar of Autumn but if a had to choose it would be Carter, a natural leader and a great mindset... even at his end
  10. I loved reach in the fact that i got xbox live right after it came out, compared to halo 3 it was a huge step forward in the game series and it opened a lot of doors for 343 to do in halo 4, in the end it was a small step towards a new, better halo games in the future weather or not people like it or not change can be a good thing when the game industry changes.
  11. i have the old xbox as well, there shouldn't be a problem if you treat it correctly, i never had an issue with mine.
  12. As we all know that Halo is off the pro circuit for the spring championship do you think that theres a chance it will be back on the next stop. Watching the Starcraft 2 at spring championship i noticed a LOT of bring halo back posters and yes a 'i love pistola' poster as well Please express your thoughts on this topic.
  13. sorry to post 2 comments in a row but if a company just about customer service or making EVERY single customer happy 343, Activision, all the big companies would be long gone so don't complain to a company about money.
  14. Halo 4? oh well lets just change Black Ops 2's name to Future Ops to make it sound better because its a copy? Change Skyrim's name to Oblivion because its just a copy? Thats how bad it sounds...
  15. Just a helpful tip from a man who completed it with friend the week it came out do your best to spawn your friend so he can be used as bait to "weaken" the enemy because if you both charge well its not fun with the long checkpoints from halo 1 :thumbdown: one more thing, the campaign requires LARGE amounts of dedication, skill and caffeine. Have large amounts of soda GOOD LUCK, YOU'LL NEED IT
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