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Halo Wars 2 suggestions for the developers before launch

ideas suggestions wishes updates aspects important details options features details

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#1 mikeyyy777



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Posted 15 May 2016 - 06:10 PM

This is a summary of what features I think Halo Wars 2 should incorporate prior to launch. All other ideas and opinions are welcome.

1. Option to lock your troops up inside your base while being trained. This is an important feature if you are trying to protect your new units.

2. Keep the veteran feature. When a unit has been in battle and survived he can accumulate a set amount of stars making it progressively stronger. 

These are the only two I can think of right now... If I come up with more if possible I will update.

#2 DyingToSeedYou



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Posted 16 May 2016 - 05:16 AM

I've been thinking about this game for a long time and a few ideas that me and my friends have had is:

being able to have larger matches maybe 1v1-6v6 giving huge battles and crazy tactics that people can come up with.

unit grouping would be great because highlighting with that circle was a pain. 

maybe adding a feature that you  can have 3 extra guys in a game for each UNSC character that could take control of a spartan and communication would be key for this showing that they can either be supported or left to handle them self this would also make it slightly harder for people as they would have spartans that could be better or worse depending on the operator also taking out the A.I issues that will undoubtedly arise with the new programming we have seen with other games such as halo 4 and 5.

having larger armies would mean that a match could become more versatile and cause people to plan their army more in advance.

a specific game type for people that only want to rush as it is impossible to find a match where you wont get rushed any more and its hard to find a decent game where you either have to rush first or spend the first 5 minuets building up a counter rush army and defenses.

having a wider choice of units for both sides of the game being either the covies or humans to further the versititlity of a army such as being able to train specific sniper units or being able to customise your marine squads before a match such as a slower fire rate but more accurate by equiping them with dmr's or br's or having them as a assault squad with ar's and shotguns.

sabotaging buildings with spartan's being able to send a spartan in to a enemy building and having it blow up a minuet later and having upgrades for the interior of your bases to try to prevent such things happening and for the covies being able to send a spec ops elite squad in to a unsc base and doing the same thing. 

#3 Cyan Cardigan

Cyan Cardigan


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Posted 16 May 2016 - 10:29 AM

The only possible thing I am concerned of is how the ODST's will be intergrated within the game.

I loved how in Halo Wars 1 you could drop them in on the battlefield quickly, however I disliked the fact that these helljumpers had the same capabilities as any ordinary marines you deployed onto the battlefield.


#4 mikeyyy777



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Posted 07 June 2016 - 08:53 PM

I have seen various warthog concepts in the past. specifically built for snow terrain with different mountings from anti air missile launchers to machine guns... flamethrowers, ect... they should have a whole armory full of different types of warthogs with different kinds of  field upgrades.


-A 2 man sniper recon squad sounds nice too, it would go well with a platoon of marines trekking thru the terrain. Allow the ability to have marines sit on a scorpion tanks like in original halo.

vultures were always nice. I don't recall the covenant ever having an equivalent assault ship, im sure a nice one exist in the halo universe tho, this would be a nice addition. keep the ability where air units can fly above high cliffs and mountains staying safe out of grounds units range. I vividly remember even scarabs could climb up onto these tall hills and get away from marines and tanks.

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