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CvC Community Event Results!

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Thank you to everyone who joined. We had our best-of-five series matches with HaloCustoms last weekend and here are the results: 


On Friday we swept our friends on the virtual battlefield 3-0 winning Slayer on Perseus (a much better version of Pegasus made by no god anywhere), Slayer on Contract (remake of Construct from Halo 3), and Battle Golf on Gingerbread Falls. It was also a 3v4 with the team consisting of only @ , @@GermanShepherdD , and @Twam


Our staff and members played valiantly against our frenemies and came out with a win on the first day of the event. Find the full recap with great screenshots on HaloCustoms in their full Friday recap.



Then on Saturday, the corrupt but handsome @@Psychoduck recruited a special guest to kick our butts all the way to the Ark (outside of the known galaxy). Duck got famous streamer and former competitive Halo player Vetoed to play for his team along with BTBnet admin Matclan. This was a much closer series where we were taken to a game 4. Needless to say Vetoed absolutely REQ'd us but I had a trick up my sleeve as well and called in another streamer, SMELI5A. She may not be as skilled as Vetoed but she definitely increased our chances. Results:



We won. Game 1 Slayer on Stigma by Squally DaBeanz was close but in our favor. Game 2 was CTF on Coliseum where Vetoed dropped 34 kills on us with an insane triple kill but we still came out on top winning 3-2. Game 3 was a blowout for HaloCustoms where they won Slayer on Resolute by negativ3zero. And lastly, we closed out the series by taking Flag on Truth 3-2 where I dropped a triple on Matclan, Psychoduck, and their 4th (definitely not Vetoed lol).



Get the full recap from Saturday with player stats from HaloCustoms in their Saturday recap.



And on Sunday we ended up winning as well giving us three straight wins in our friendly competition with HaloCustoms. I don't have a recap from that day but we won. GG. 



Be sure to visit Halocustoms.com to meet some cool people and have fun with their innovative lobby system if you're looking for games. That's also where I watch almost all of my streams.

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Third Event was pretty much this:


Slayer on (Idk, a bad map. Probably Rig)


Breakout on Trench


Breakout on Crossfire


GSD, Twam, Ardent, Robby, Sparky, Canary, and myself were all there. (Our forums)

I think Auburn, Steelgreen, Blue, and like 2 guys I don't care to remember (prolly PsychoDuck) were from HaloCustoms

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