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Paintball style battlefield that works very well with BTB game modes.

This map is located inside the Glacier cave. This is being submitted to the MYM BTB contest :D
There are a lot of varying streets that keep the battle different throughout the map, and many buildings to utilize for combat and quick movement across the battlefield.

It has good symmetry because I used a very precise method to make it perfectly symmetrical! :)

I worked just over a week adjusting things to my preference. I was focusing on vehicle smoothness in the terrain at first, then I worked hard on making good sight lines to balance vehicle/spartan combat.

This is my first contest entry and I'll be working hard to improve for the next contest!










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Kinda looks a bit tacky for a Halo map, but cool in a way..

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Don't wanna be harsh, but this is in good intention, trust me. You're going to have to work on it a lot more. You're probably going to have to reduce flatness (trust me on this, I've had some key advice from 0micron about this, if you know who that is). Other than that, I'm not too knowledgable about BTB layouts, I'm gonna guess it plays fine.


You also will probably need a LOT more detail aesthetics-wise. This looks like how a map would've been during Forge's very first month in Halo 5. Really take advantage of those textures, they'll take you a LONG ways. Maybe use some frost overllays here and there, wherever it's suitable. and it's especially SUCH a perfect oppurtinity to use the frost since you have a snow map. Roll the fog up a little maybe, also utilize the snowy weather effect. I do love what you're getting at with the lights though, with that color and everything. Make sure the settings are set to "Point", and also go down to effects and I think if you did the candlelight effect at a rate of 1.3 or something around there, it would be beautiful.


Now I understand it's a paintball styled map, which is great. But the details that I'm suggesting won't take away from that. With flatness, don't go overboard with hills and stuff, but I recommend adding a little bit more elevation variation. The structures look cool, I personally would add some sand bags all around up there if I was you, but that's your choice. You can go ahead and message me on Xbox Live at Dezert Fuze if you want me to show you some of the things I'm talking about. But it looks really cool, and unique. Trust me though, it's going to take more weeks for you to really get this "done". And I put quotation marks because no map is ever really done. But you can get pretty damn close, and I'd say you probably need some more playtesting, some expert advice with the layout of it all, and you'll be solid.


But that's just my opinion.

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