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Halo 2 Vista Aim Assist for Mouse/Keyboard

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One on the biggest complaints of Halo 2 Vista is the fact that plugging in an Xbox 360 controller gives players a superior advantage over those using the traditional mouse/keyboard setup due to the high degree of aim assist one receives by plugging in a controller.

Well I have figured out a way to enable aim assist in game for mouse/keyboard players. For those of you who are familiar with the game, this method does not involve plugging in a controller and taping down the analog stick. No controller is required. After personally testing this in different in-game environments, I can successfully say that this pretty much evens the gap between controller players and M/K players.

Before I release this program(s), however, I would like to gauge just how many players currently play the game with a mouse and keyboard so I know I'm not just wasting my time. I also know that most auto-generated gamertags that play the game probably don't come to this forum, so if anybody has an idea of how many people, approximately, use M/K, that would be really helpful. Please reply with your thoughts.

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No program is required for that. I played H2V, you still get the aim assist with a mouse. It's just that a mouse moves your reticle faster so you won't feel it as much.


Anyway, release the program anyway if it really works, has no virus, and isn't hard to install. If you're out to do people a service, put it out there whether you have a crowd jumping up and down for it or not. They'll come if they need it.

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A little late to the party bro. The H2MT have already implimented this fix as well as over a dozen additional fixes and updates to make Halo 2 more playable. Said updates also dont require a seconday application. Do a lottle research next time before you waste your time.


And btw.... actual player counts are less than 50 unique GT's daily. So yeah...their is no real population to speak of.

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