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  1. One on the biggest complaints of Halo 2 Vista is the fact that plugging in an Xbox 360 controller gives players a superior advantage over those using the traditional mouse/keyboard setup due to the high degree of aim assist one receives by plugging in a controller. Well I have figured out a way to enable aim assist in game for mouse/keyboard players. For those of you who are familiar with the game, this method does not involve plugging in a controller and taping down the analog stick. No controller is required. After personally testing this in different in-game environments, I can successfully say that this pretty much evens the gap between controller players and M/K players. Before I release this program(s), however, I would like to gauge just how many players currently play the game with a mouse and keyboard so I know I'm not just wasting my time. I also know that most auto-generated gamertags that play the game probably don't come to this forum, so if anybody has an idea of how many people, approximately, use M/K, that would be really helpful. Please reply with your thoughts.
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