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Too many Units OPed and Underpowered...

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For example: Get a mass army of Hunters: No ground force alive can kill them. Unless all Flamethrowers. But even then they do good damage vs Infantry AND against Vehicles.


Another example: Gremlins Good Armor Dmg and good Support type, can't fight air at all and is next-to-useless vs infantry.



People rush with gremlins vs Forge and Anders all because: They would go usually Tanks or vehicles of a sort to start off. They OP against Armor, but very VERY easily countered. Get 5 Marine Groups non-leveled and they can take down a Spartan Gremlin with ease, maybe 2 even.


Rushing With Tanks is Overpowered if people don't have an army of gremlins because you can own Hunters with them half the time if they are in mass amounts.




So I was thinking... Why not make the game a slight bit more realistic to the actual HALO Series?


Gauss Warthogs: Should do 50% more damage vs Armor, give them a super upgrade that costs 5 or 6 power to get the Rocket Pod upgrade for them since it'd make them very powerful, but you have to put a lot of extra into it to even get it, and splash damage vs Infantry. They've ALWAYS had splash damage.


Scorpion Tanks: Should have -10% Health, and deal 20% more damage. They have too much Health to be realistic, but too little damage to be realistic as well.


Grizzly's: -10% Health, +10% Damage. Same as the Scorpion Tanks.


Hawks: -10% Health, -5% Damage. All around a slight bit too OPed vs Infantry AND ground Forces. The only hope you have is a mass army of Wolverines or Vampires against Hawks.


Vultures: -10% Health, +30% Damage. It has a slight bit too much Health: However the Damage is considerately too low for this unit.


Scarub: -30% Health, +60% Damage. Scarubs in reality have low health and armor, but have INSANE Damage. Let's make that more true.


Prophet of Regret: +10% Health and Shields, +10% Cleanse Beam Damage. Let's face it, Prophet is underpowered in some respects. He's only good mainly vs air and infantry, and sometimes a decent Base Destroyer. But Scarubs, Vultures, Hawks, Tanks etc dominate him.


Gremlins: +50% more damage to Infantry, splash damage vs Infantry, EMP should be able to be used on Infantry to lethally kill them. Because a focused EMP(Electro Magnetic Pulse) would honestly kill a person due to it shocking the body's heart and brain to give out. Though their splash damage should be weak instead of a ton as a mass group with high splash damage would OP anything on the ground.


However: Gremlins I notice can fire at spartans while hijacking Air, but everything else like Scorpion Tanks don't with their main turret. Why? This shows Gremlins CAN shoot at the air, but they made it so they can't. So I would say: Let them be able to shoot air and EMP them, however the EMP vs air has a 50-50 chance to make them fall to the ground and they do less damage vs air than vs armor. About 60% of normal damage honestly so they can't be perfectionist units. But also know, if you think EMPing any unit is OP it's not. 40 Gremlins maxed can emp 120 units right? Problem: People can't individually EMP all 40 rapidly. So they shortcut most and waste over 80% of the EMP's power. So they have to choose:


EMP Infantry, Armor OR Air. They can't EMP all of it. And it would leave them defenseless vs most of them once the EMP is fired. EMP is what makes Gremlins powerful, but take it out of the equasion when they go up against all 3 types of armies, watch them faulter in seconds. On top of that, give Gremlins the first upgrade at 2 power, then 3 power for Chain Amp and give a final Super Upgrade for 4 Power that gives it the Ability to Fight Air or something. But it'd cost a full 800 or 900 supplies and some time to research. Make it cost a bit to get.




Elite Honor Guard: -15% Health, +5% Damage. They easily rush enemies due to massive health and damage.


Brutes: -10% Health. Their Damage is fine honestly. But their health is so high that they can face tanks and armor and win when maxed out.


Brute Chieftain: -5% Health, +10% Damage, +25% Vortex Damage. His Vortex splits damages in a large enemy group, So why not give it some power to back it up instead? Chieftain is the weakest of the 3 leaders vs anything.


Arbiter: -10% Health, +10% Damage. His Health Amount is too much during rushes, but his Damage is a bit underpowered just a slight bit.


Suicide Grunts: Oh my gosh, +10% Health, +10% Damage, -15% Suicide Damage. Their Suicide Damage in 40 can dominate entire bases. 10 can destroy a cov base with no shields, with takes only 15. 20 to destroy a UNSC base with 3 maxed reactors on it and so forth. Even 15 can wreck a Scarub. Their Suicide damage is too high.


Flamethrowers: +5% Health, +15% Damage. They honestly don't have good damage output vs Jackel Anti Infantry. If anything, Jackels are stronger than the UNSC Flamethrowers even though Flamers have Flashbang, it's not enough if the Jackels are far away enough or covered by a small armored force.


Wolverine: +10% Damage with Grenades, +30% Volley Damage vs Armor and Infantry. In mass amounts they're good vs Light Armor and Air and MOST Infantry, however, it only takes 10 Grizzly's to dominate a full size of Wolverines. Comeon their Volley is a TON of missiles, that would wreck any type of infantry and armor really.


Cobra's: +5% Health, -5% Damage. Make their Deflection Plating GUARANTEE a Hit vs Air attacks when they fire at them. Like Banshee's Bomb attacks, Hornet's Missiles etc. Give them some fighting ability vs air because against UNSC Air, they do nothing at all to them.Not even Vultures.


ODST: -10% Health. Their Health is a little too much. 40 ODST have the damage AND Health to back up a heavy assault. The only counter vs ODST is a mass army of Flamethrowers which become useless if tanks come in to assist the ODST or if you get maxed Mac Blast to kill half that Flame Army.


Hunters: -50% Health, +10% Damage. They have good damage already, but honestly for Anti Vehicles not enough. However, in mass amounts the damage ISN'T the problem it's their massive health. I mean, 2 groups can kill one Flame Thrower group. So 20 can kill 10 flame throwers. It's too much due to Health. They beat almost EVERY Ground force period. And people rush with Hunters together with Brutes because of this sole key fact.


Cyclops: -10% Health. Let's be honest here, they are Building Destroyers... But owning Infantry too? That's too much. Reduce their health slightly give Infantry a good chance to fight them.


Spartans: +10% Shields, +10% Health, Spartan Laser Damage +125% vs armor and +100% vs air. Let's face it, Spartans are SERIOUSLY underpowered. Take out the Hijack, they're near useless vs Armor or Air even with Spartan Laser. That Laser does next-to-nothing vs Armor, and is only some damage vs air. That laser in REALITY has Splash Damage vs Infantry too.



UNSC Heal And Repair: +75% Effectiveness. Let's face it, if it's in 1-3 unit's it's O.K. but on Super Units and Uber Units like Vultures, Scarubs, Grizzly's Hawks etc. it does nearly nothing to them at all! ESPECIALLY when there's a lot that need a healing. I can understand 3 UNSC heal's, but not when those 3 heals only heal by 25% to all unit's health of a army of Grizzly's. It's just not powerful enough.


Cutter Mac Blast: +20% Damage. It's underpowered vs infantry and Air and Armor honestly. The Damage splits between units hit, so if I mac a vulture it's gone, if there's an air force with it I saw it do only 15% damage to the Vulture.


Forge Carpet Bomb: +25% Damage vs Infantry. It's awesome at Armor, but the Damage against Infantry it has flat out sucks. ODST if they got full health it won't kill a SINGLE group of ODST just reduce health to anywhere from 15% to 30% left.



Anders Cryo Bomb: I know it's a freeze and all, but wouldn't being frozen by Liquid Nitrogen potentially harm and kill in reality? Give it some damage on units frozen EVEN friendly's as well. It's not a lot of damage, the super cryo only has the damage to kill most infantry groups except ODST and leader's, but has the power to kill Gremlins, Locusts and really light armored vehicles due to it's effects. However, it's insanely small damage to heavy armored units like scarubs, tanks etc. Give people the chance to survive a mass spam of say anti infantry with anti vehicles from 2 teammates on the enemy team rather than it wearing off doing practically nothing but stall them.




People have stopped playing HALO War's mainly DUE TO 75% of the Units being either Underpowered OR overpowered. People complain about gremlings being OP, when they aren't. If they make gremlins get hawks, banshee's, a scarub or vultures. They'll decimate them. If they get a wolverine army with them, no problem, have a teammate with ODST go in and kill them. Even with an update to Gremlins to EMP group force and such, it's not enough to stop ODST. Yeah EMP 9 ODST, watch a crap load more pop out and HOPE the Wolverins can volley them down fast enough to kill them off(They won't). I would like to see the EMP do up to 5 chains per each on Infantry only, due to it being super powered enough to EMP vehicles and such in a concentrated beam. It can do 3 chains on Vehicles and Air would be fair, cause against ODST that 5 chains is what ya need to remotely have a chance vs them. I mean, it takes spartan Gremlins for a lethal Chain against ODST. but non-spartan ones only do small damage to them like it makes a few die instantly within each group.


Example: EMP vs Infantry only does 250% more damage than normal to Infantry groups in ODST. Spartan Gremlins boost it to 300% or 350% instead due to it having more powerful(Much more powerful) EMP attacks. Even then, the regular damage after a 50% boost would make them deal like... Take out about 25%-30% of an ODST's health in one shot, EMP would probably deal around 80%-90% from a single Spartan Gremling at 7 stars(But the last super upgrade for 4 power would make it an automatic 8 stars. Give Unique Units a chance to get to 14 stars too like super units).

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The company that made Halo wars was shut down a few weeks after the game got released...


Your hopes of a patch is long gone.... :)

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People stopped playing Halo Wars because it both got old and that it was underrated.

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