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Hello everyone, 


It is I, Fishy. I am here to present to you today, my work in progress on a map named Clastic.


The original idea was to forge a map for Yoshi's event, Tacos at the Canteen. However, we had troubles. I was off doing my own thing. When all of a sudden Yoshi liked the idea I was doing, and discarded the Canteen idea. We started off small on the map, worked our through. We are going to make as close as we can to an Invasion map. Featuring the objective, territories. Setup to the point of being 1-sided territories. Where one team defends, the other attacks.


This map will be featured at our upcoming event. (TBA), I will get you the specifics in the future. Enjoy!  :hi:



Map is complete, took a total of about 10 hours to make. I'll even throw in the story for it.


"This island was once abandoned. Previously occupied by Insurrectionists and used as a small outpost. This island was at peace. Time has come, a small UNSC force has been sent to claim the island. The settlement must be destroyed and reclaimed under the hands of the UNSC. Except, something went wrong. The Insurrectionists were guarded with an AA turret, taking down the UNSC's pelicans. Whatever is left from the crash is still up for use, others are all lost. The center of the island is guarded by a massive EMP Pylon on top of a tower, ticking away at an unknown timer. Who knows when the next trigger is pulled. It's up to you to take out the Insurrection. Do your best, soldier."



























And last but not least, the terrible render of the overview of the map. Objectives don't light up, as well as weapons and other things that light up. However, you can see a few objectives in some of the images. If not, all of them are there.




The map and game mode is on my file share. It's a typical Invasion-like game mode, but not to its 100%. Enjoy!

GT is L Fishy L


Here's a quick video of the Neutral Base and the EMP Bomb all in one!


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Ooooh! neat!


I love the design, nice work Fishy. ^_^

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